Overlapping Energies and Errant Thoughts

Overlapping Energies

The mid-cycle of the moon is housing the energies of the promising new moon (February 8-9) and the pensive full moon (February 22-23).This happens at every mid-cycle, and yet there seem to be additional layers to the energy at this point in time.This overlap feels something like being in bed, and alternating between huddling under the bedclothes and pushing them away; something like segueing between a hot flash and cold chills; something like... indecision... and waiting.It's a space that is neither here nor there, which is strangely discordant given that in-between spaces are capable of infusing us with deep peace.This space... This space is creating tension at a very high and fine level.It's a tension that's much like that of a violin string. Too tight, and the notes will be sharp. Too loose, and the notes will be flat.The tension must be at its ideal state to create a perfect pitch.Overlapping Energies and Errant ThoughtsWhat to do, when we're caught in that tension?In order to be in tune, we need to tune in... to our heart; to our spirit; to our intuition; to our guides.It's when we flail outside of ourselves for a tension fix that we increase the tension.When we turn inside - tune in - we automatically (automagically?) create the ideal space to be our most in tune.In that space, the tension is no longer tangible because we're aligned with our higher selves.

Errant Thoughts

The tension-indecision space is a breeding ground for doubts and worries; errant thoughts that eat away at peace; that tease and provoke; that chide and prevail.Those thoughts, left unattended, will have their way with us. They will poke and prod, incessantly. They'll point out flaws and mistakes without regard for time; past and present are fair game.When they're acknowledged, it gives them pause and allows us the presence of mind to observe their truth... or lack of truth.Meditation is a gift for those of us who suffer from ETS (Errant Thought Syndrome), whether occasional or chronic.Approached with a healthy dose of curiosity, rather than a need to rule with an iron mind, meditation can help us acknowledge those thoughts without judgement and give them wings.It's then that we regain our equilibrium; our perfect pitch; our personal piece of peace.How do we meditate successfully?Know that successful meditation is unique to each person. It will be different for you than it is for anyone else, so forget comparing and do your own thing.Choose meditative music to provide background sound, or choose a guided meditation, or choose silence; whatever feels right and reasonable.Sit quietly and comfortably - whether it's on a bed, a chair, a floor, etc. -  for five or ten or twenty minutes; whatever feels right and reasonable.Breathe in a way that's comfortable and restful.As thoughts arise, observe and acknowledge them, and let them go on their way; passersby rather than visitors.Repeat as often as feels... right and reasonable.

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