Our Global Healing Crisis: Spiritual Evolution for a New Earth

We can't avoid it. We're in a colossal healing crisis here on Earth.

⚡️ The political landscape resembles a war zone - or maybe a toddler's playroom, post-tantrum.⚡️ The environment cries for resuscitation.⚡️ The people of the old Earth ways and the people of the current Earth ways and the people of the new Earth ways butt heads in public displays either unseen for many decades or never before seen.

This healing crisis lies somewhere between labor pains and growing pains, because even though there's a birthing process for bringing in the new Earth energy, there's equally the lessons that come with forced growth. And all of it is for spiritual evolution.Our Global Healing Crisis: Spiritual Evolution for a New Earth ~ Cards shown are from Kris Waldherr's gorgeous The Goddess Tarot deck.

As you dive deeper into this post you'll note the significance of these lush cards, which are from The Goddess Tarot deck by Kris Waldherr. Drawn intuitively for the post, they are: Judgment, Tradition, Strength, Power and Transformation (intended in that order).

Healing Crisis

What's a healing crisis? The first time I heard this phrase was in conjunction with Reiki practice. The dis-ease of a person receiving Reiki grew rather than lessened; more to the point: grew before it lessened.I was aghast, because the person was in obvious and increasing discomfort... until she wasn't. When the release came, it was palpable as well as observable. And thank goodness for that.It reminded me very much of a stove-top tea kettle reaching its boiling point. With the spout lid closed, the steam builds up until the kettle whistles (or yells, depending on the kettle).To relieve the pressure (and the noise), we turn off the stove and open the lid. The steam is released and the boiling subsides and then we make ourselves a gorgeous cup of tea.Since that first time, which encompassed a single session, I've also observed healing crises play out over the course of multiple Reiki healing sessions.It's a reminder that most healing we're called to take on isn't for the superficial; isn't something that only requires a Band-Aid and a kiss. Most healing is for wounds with deep roots.In order for healing of such wounds to happen, the roots must first be exposed. During the process, there can be significant discomfort as long-hidden roots are brought into the light.This is where we're at, as a global community. The roots of the dis-ease that's been eating at us for so long are being dredged up and out, and the result feels something like exposed nerve endings.Ouch.It feels important to name some of those roots, aka symptoms, for context. They include:

???????? racism???????? sexism???????? homophobia???????? climate change???????? archaic patriarchy

No surprises there, and no surprise that there are more; lots more.

Forced Growth

Some people are welcoming - even embracing - the healing crisis, because they understand what it means and why it's necessary and what will come of it.Other people appear to be sequestered in a zone of "whatever." They may notice what's happening, and understand it's happening to them, too, and yet they aren't participating in it.And then there are the people who notice what's happening and understand what it means - and maybe even why it's necessary - and fight against it willfully because of that understanding; like toddlers in the throes of a tantrum.That last group are facing forced growth and it's exacerbating their healing process big time.Let's consider that, based on our list from the last section.


Racists have been "carefully taught" to be that way, and so there's likely a family history of it. Could giving up racism be tantamount to saying one's family has been "wrong" all these years? What happens as a result of denouncing it?


While also learned behavior, sexism can be learned from peers as easily from family, which lands it in the social-construct category. What happens when "one of the boys" changes his sexist ways? Do his peers vilify him? Do they ostracize him?


This dis-ease - also from both the familial and social categories - can pit someone awakening to our new-Earth reality that homosexuality really isn't a choice against those who believe it's somehow catching and/or curable and therefore renders those who "have it" someone to be feared. That fear can be very ugly.

Climate Change

In spite of disappearing polar caps, rising oceans and temperatures, and the sharp increase in extreme weather around the world, there are people who claim it's a hoax or an act of God.

Deep within those claims lie a similar root that represents another phobia: responsibility. Humans are responsible for climate change. It's an inconvenient truth, and it's a truth many people won't accept responsibility for.

Archaic Patriarchy

For the past two millennia and more, men have taken control away from women in a highly concerted and systematic way. It's truly absurd to consider it, given women alone hold the power within their bodies to create humans, and yet there it is.

In our ever-evolving world, women are working in a highly concerted and systematic way to reclaim their power and restore the sacred matriarchy to its rightful position of power in balance with the sacred patriarchy. Equality. Yin Yang.

We're witnessing that forced growth in real time through news outlets and social media. We're seeing it through the lens of the recent U.S. presidential election, Standing Rock, Brexit and Mosul. We're seeing it in our own circles and communities.

The Sacred Feminine

Above all else, we're seeing it in the rising and uprising of women who are tapping into the strength of a power that - for many or maybe most - has been lying dormant all this time.The dormancy was in part for protection and in part for preservation.And the distinction between protection and preservation is an important one for women. Protection refers to women protecting themselves - their bodies and psyches and hearts - and that of their children. Preservation refers to keeping secure their feminine power.Now, at this critical juncture, women are owning their power and putting it both on display and to work. They -we - are a force to be reckoned with in the sense that we can not and will not be silent and still any longer.Risks - perceived and actual - are being overshadowed by the greater need of spiritual evolution.

Spiritual Evolution

This healing crisis and the growth - forced and otherwise - that lies within it are all about spiritual evolution.The spiritual evolution is necessary to fully invoke and evoke the new Earth energies that come in greater frequency and strength as time marches on.Within those energies lie an upleveling which will restore the spirit to its rightful place on the "throne" of humanity. Where the ego has sat for all this long time, the spirit will sit.This evolution is happening. How we respond to it is our choice. For the highest good, and in service to my soul purpose, I choose to welcome it wholeheartedly.Blessings be.

Want to know what your position is within this spiritual evolution? Consider an intuitive reading session or an email reading.

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