Our Channeled Reading for April 30 - May 6, 2018

Our Channeled Reading for April 30 - May 6, 2018

In this week's channeled energy reading, we're asked to consider our perspective, and how we might choose differently. Our cards for this week are both from the major arcana, from The Housewives Tarot deck.Channeled Energy Reading for April 30 - May 6, 2018 ~ Intuitive EllenJust below, you'll find the video reading. Directly below that, you'll find the transcript in case you prefer to read the... reading. 😉 Enjoy.https://youtu.be/DS7IVIxk7UE


Hi, there. I'm Ellen. Welcome to our weekly reading.This reading is for the week of April 30 through May 6, and we are looking at two aspects: our human selves and our soul selves.We're using The Housewives Tarot Deck.So... Let's take a look at our first card, which is - oooh - The Hanged Man, or The Hanged Man.Such a great image.So, when The Hanged Man shows up, the first thing that comes to mind always for me is perspective.What is our current perspective? Does it need adjustment?So, if my guides are ready, let's find out what the message is for The Hanged Man, for our human selves this week.

And we notice, The Hanged Man shows you that sometimes is comes that things seem upside down; topsy-turvy.And in these instances, it could be that, yes, things are in a shambles, things are in disarray. And this contributes to this feeling that you are upside down; that your world has turned upside down.And yet, we notice that in choosing that you can change your perspective, you will be better-equipped to impart insight, wisdom, authority, leadership upon a situation which, otherwise, is getting the best of you.

Oooh... I like that, a lot.And, yes, isn't it so true - and I will say, true, although it may be, at times, an annoying truth - that how we view things is, oftentimes, a matter of choice.We either choose to look at things as though they are upside down - as if the glass is half empty - or we choose to look at things as though they are right side up (if a bit out of sorts) or as if the glass is half full, or maybe the glass is completely full.So, this week, as you are dealing with whatever situation or situations - whoever you are dealing with - that may have your world feeling topsy-turvy, may have you feeling that you're hanging from a clothesline upside down, consider how you can make a different choice and gain clarity about what's really going on.Okay? All right, so that's for our human selves. Let's find out about our soul selves.Oh, my goodness. The Star.So, let's talk about the fact that we now have two major arcana cards in play for this week. We're talking really big energies, here.Let's take another look at The Star. I mean, look at her. How excited is she? And rightfully so.So, what is it about The Star and our soul selves this week?

We notice with The Star, we ask for you to remember you are the star of your own show, and your show is your life. And your star - your North star - is your soul.Were you to remember this with openness and trust, we notice that you would be as The Star in this image. You would be, as the humans say, winning.

Oooh... And doesn't that tie into The Hanged Man and changing perspective?Once more - and I'm sure it's purposeful - these energies walk hand-in-hand. They really do.They tie into each other beautifully and, as I just heard, "on both ends of the spectrum."So, even as I'm creating some division here - human selves, soul selves - imagine bringing those energies together and having them support each other.Imagine the wholeness that would come of that.So, that's it for this week.I hope it's a wonderful week for you. I love that we're stepping into May.I hope that you're still enjoying the splendor of the energy from the full moon yesterday.And, until next time, you take really good care.Lots of love.

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