Origin Energy: Exploring Our Soul's Origins

Origin energy... This energy can be viewed in two ways:

  1. the energy of our individual soul origins, and
  2. the energy from which everything (everything, everything) originates.

In this post, we're exploring the first way.

Origin Energy: Exploring Our Souls Origins ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #originenergy #soulorigin #fifthdimension #soulenergy #higherfrequencies

The origin energy of our individual souls

We can assume our souls originate from the same place: source; the one; god. That assumption would be correct, in the sense that we are all particles of the "great universe," which is to any - and every - universe as the Earth is to her indigenous inhabitants - human and non-human; sentient and insentient.

That said... There are "infinite" smaller universes within the great universe from which we may identify our individual soul origins.

There are people who feel strongly about where they came from; what there origins are. And so, they may identify themselves as Pleiadian, Acturian, Atlantean, etc. (Acknowledging my own resonance with Atlantis. Also, giving a strong nod to my understanding that Atlanteans were "planted" here from galactic regions beyond this solar system.)

Their identification may be as a galactic volunteer from regions as yet unnamed by us here on Earth. (This is another identification that resonates with me, which could mean my Atlantean memories were planted purely for context.) And there's still an additional possibility, which could be identification as a time traveler from another universe.

So, why is this subject on tap at this time?

"We notice there is a cause to consider the origin energy. The way of the ascension, which promotes the fifth-dimensional energy, is allowing humans to experience an even higher dimensional frequency. As such, it will be beneficial for them to consider where it is they originate from. This will support them to better understand the affiliations and activities to which they are now drawn."

Ooh... That's interesting. Let's explore.

Higher Dimensional Frequency

Through what we refer to as "the ascension," we've been exposed to more and more fifth-dimensional energy. That's the energy that's responsible for awakening us to the concepts and practices of oneness, psychic senses, etc. It's an energy the ancient Egyptians, Atlanteans, Mayans, Aztec, etc., accepted and worked with seamlessly, without question of its reality.

The thing about that is, it's very likely the origins of many of those peoples were of an even higher frequency; sixth, seventh, eighth dimension and beyond. And that would perhaps explain why whole nations seemed to disappear, leaving behind clues that still make scientists and the curious scratch their collective heads.

When we reach beyond fifth-dimensional energy, we tap into origin energy that is just that much more evolved. It's in those higher dimensions we may find "tribes" that are without gender, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. They've risen above those identifiers. Oneness isn't only a quality to aspire to, it's a given on every level.

Consider the implications of being without the identifiers we still rely on, for the most part. Can you imagine how that might be?

Now, consider the growing movement around gender identification - specifically, the lack of it. More and more, I notice people referring to themselves and others as "they" rather than "he" or "she." And in that vein, I notice more people asking others what their preferred gender pronouns are, rather than assuming.

It's really incredible, now that I stop to feel into it. And for me, that's a clear sign of those higher energies impacting us in a very obvious way. If they're showing up in that way, they're bound to be showing up in other ways. What might they be? That's a fascinating question to ruminate on.

Next comes, "How are these higher-dimension energies impacting me?" It could be a great Tarot journaling question.

"What is my origin energy?"

It's a question I encourage you to consider. The method I'm shown for considering it involves some form of meditation. It feels like the third eye will provide some context - a platform - for the answer. After asking the question, place soft and relaxed focus on your third eye and notice what comes of it. Write down anything you see, whether images, colors, words... Then, practice some channeled writing to gain further information.

I'd love to know what comes up for you. Feel free to add a comment, or contact me via my about page.

Blessed be.

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