Oracle Decks I'm Working With in 2017

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot (and Oracle), I'm sharing the oracle decks I'm working with in 2017 (so far!).31 Days of Tarot, Day 12: Oracle Decks I'm Working With in 2017: The Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony Dawn, Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray It has to be written "out loud": We're only 12 days into 2017, so this is by no means a complete list. In fact, it's a remarkably short list.Nothing wrong with a short list. ;-)

The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck

The deck that is receiving the bulk of the usage so far is, hands down, The Awakened Soul Oracle deck by Ethony Dawn.Holy mama, what a deck.This deck is not only gorgeous and well-made and gorgeous (Did I mention it's gorgeous?), it's so energy-packed and so accurate.31 Days of Tarot, Day 12: Examples from The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck by Ethony Dawn: Action, Change, ReleaseSo accurate.What I love most about this deck is its innate call-to-action for both the reader and the receiver.As a reader, I find I'm called to ground myself in the way of a tree ("deeply rooted") and to allow the energies of Gaia to flow through me at will. Maybe willy-nilly.For the receiver, I find it isn't "just" about delivering messages. I'm gobsmacked by the number of questions raised within the Full-Year Forecasts and the Your New Year Theme readings I've completed with them.And that's to say, I'm gobsmacked in a wholly appreciative way. These cards ask more - way more - of the receivers. There's no passivity to be found in them. Not a bit.I foresee these cards being my go-to oracle deck for the better part - if not the full part - of this bright and shiny new year. Huge kudos to Ethony for developing and producing (independently!) a deck that's so massively powerful and incredibly potential-laden.

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

Although this deck is, currently, a far-off second in terms of usage, it has to be mentioned here because there's a strong feeling of importance around the energy of this deck for this year.Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray is as celestial as The Awakened Soul is earthy. That said, there's still a deeply-rooted sense of grounding with them due to the nature of the new energy which has recently poured over the entirety of Earth.These cards come up when the receiver needs to hear from a specific "voice"; a teacher. Just this morning*, for example, I was guided to draw from the deck and it was Joan of Arc who came to light.Joan of Arc: Voice of Truth ~ Keepers of the Light Oracle deck by Kyle GrayFor this day*, she's my teacher. She reminds me to speak the truth even when it isn't what the other person wants to hear; even when it isn't what's popular; even when it seems to go against everything that appears to be "real."Powerful stuff, right? lol And I just heard, "You don't know the half of it." No, I'm sure I don't. :-)So, there you have it: My current list of the oracle cards I'm most-often working with in 2017.Do you want to experience a reading with one or both of these decks? Consider one of the email readings available from me.*This post was drafted and scheduled on January 5, 2017.

Tarot Decks I'm Working With in 2017

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