Open Your Heart to Earth

Today marks the final Monday of April and of Earth month. Today also marks the final post in the series I dedicated to Earth this month. However... This doesn't mark the end of my dedication to making a difference for Earth however I can. And no doubt there will be other Earth-related posts throughout the year, just not in such a cluster.

Open Your Heart to Earth ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #earthday2019 #earthdayeveryday #earthmonth #thesoulways

Open Your Heart to Earth

How do we open our hearts to Earth? By remembering she's a living thing - albeit a super-sized one.

When a loved one in our lives - human or animal - needs nourishment, we feed them. When they need cleaning, we clean them (or support them to clean themselves). And when they need comfort, we probably wrap our arms around them.

While comforting Earth by actually wrapping our arms around her isn't doable, energetically doing so is. Intending comfort in the same way we comfort loved ones creates the same calming effect. We have that power.

Cleaning Earth is completely doable, and potentially daunting given the volume of pollution we've leveled upon her. Every little bit counts. Picking up the cans and other crap people throw out of their cars onto the sides of the road helps. Picking up the garbage left on the beach helps. Supporting organization such as 4Ocean which conduct large-volume clean-ups helps.

Nourishing Earth: also completely doable. We nourish Earth by minding what we put into and onto her in terms of chemicals. Using Earth-friendly products such as Dropps, and these 11 brands suggested by The Good Trade, helps. We nourish her by using natural power sources - solar, wind - whenever possible.

That's how we open our hearts to Earth. So simple. So practical. So doable. Blessed be.

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