Open Your Eyes to Earth

Open your eyes to Earth. See her strength and her natural health; the wholeness to which she was born. See too her plight, as she sickens from the abuse of our human population.

Open Your Eyes to Earth ~ The first post of Earth month 2019 by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #earth #earthday #earthday2019 #earthmonth2019 #thesoulways

Open your eyes to Earth

Earth is our collective home, and we're meant to treat her with (hopefully) the respect with which we treat our family home. She's our celestial spaceship, and we're meant to be her stewards, her caretakers, her supporters, her co-creators.

We're meant to work with her in solidarity, honoring her seasons and positioning ourselves as loving partners with her. Instead, we've done quite the opposite. We've:

• littered her lands and her oceans;

• forced her to bend to our wills;

• taken advantage of her resources.

From a pure energy perspective...

...Earth is one with us. And we are one with Earth. There's no separation. We're each other.

That means, what we do to Earth, we do to ourselves. And, put another way, what we do to ourselves, we do to Earth.

We need to open our eyes - wide and clear and knowing - to Earth, seeing what we must. And we need to work with her in loving partnership.

Open your eyes to Earth.

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