One Reason Why I'm Here

While no reason is necessary, there is one reason why I'm here that I can identify without question. (To be clear, "here" references both location and life space.)Over the past week and a half, it's become clear that my housemates (my parents, as regular readers know) are not so good on the "balanced nutrition" front. At least two out of three standard meals a day, they would not hit the target plate.

I'm so used to incorporating fruits and vegetables into every meal that I have been shocked when I see my mother eating one-half a bagel with margarine (yuck) for breakfast, or my stepfather eating a hamburger loaded with cheese, ketchup, and sweet relish, and calling it "dinner."

Where are the veggies? Where is the fruit? Where is the good stuff?

For me, even though I doggedly stuck to my spinach-laden breakfast sandwich, and my daily banana, and copious amounts of cherries, I didn't do so well overall in the vegetable department last week. I did well in the potato salad department, though, and that led me to a 0.2 gain at my weigh-in this week.

There are reasons I haven't purchased mayonnaise since last August. ^^That would be one of them.

One thing in their (and my) favor is the exuberant garden in their backyard. While it's just beginning to yield produce, it won't be long before it's giving up bushels of goodness.

Mini but mighty: cucumber, summer squash, green pepper

The past few nights, I've taken over making dinner. Well, except for last night and the hamburger debacle (of note: I had a salad in a tomato and basil wrap. yum.).Tonight, I'll be combining sauteed chicken breast with new potatoes, sauteed onion, that lovely green pepper, and the summer squash to make a satisfying and healthy meal.No mayonnaise has passed my lips since a big family party on Sunday afternoon, at which I had 1/8 cup (yup, that's right) each of a broccoli/cauliflower salad, potato salad, and macaroni salad, plus a tuna salad finger roll.In relation to the reason why I'm here is learning about my mom's high blood pressure, which she had a doctor's appointment for a couple days ago, and after which her doctor handed her a prescription, because it hasn't come down since the last time he saw her. ... ... ...Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing about using medication to treat something that responds very well to natural methods, without natural methods being prescribed first? No? Well, now you know.Thing is, I'm betting the good doctor did prescribe natural methods at the previous appointment. What are those methods? I'm glad you asked, because I found them easily enough here. They include:1. Power walking2. Deep breathing3. Potassium-rich produce4. Watching sodium intake5. Eating 70% dark chocolate (!)6. Taking a supplement7. Drinking red wine (in moderation)8. Switching to decaf coffee (not happening; 1 cup a day, anyway)9. Taking up tea drinking10. Working less than 41 hours a week (no problem)11. Relaxing with music12. Sleeping without snoring13. Eating soyI'm on a mission.Have you ever been in a situation which, at first blush, seemed "wrong," only to find out you had a higher purpose for being in it?----------------------------------------------

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