October 2017 Energy Reading

Why, hello, October! Here we are, two days in, and you're showing your true colors in myriad ways. Thank you for that.I published this month's energy reading to YouTube on Saturday morning with the promise that I'd transcribe it here for those of you - us! - who might prefer reading words over watching a video. That's what this post is for.In the spirit of choice though, here's the video...https://youtu.be/OewzQrAEAD4...and, now, here's the transcription:

October 2017 Energy Reading

October 2017 Energy Reading ~ Video and transcription, featuring The Housewives Tarot. ~ Intuitive EllenHello, everybody, and welcome to our October energy reading.I have been guided to use The Housewives Tarot for the month of October, and if you aren't familiar, The Housewives Tarot is "a domestic divination kit." I actually just heard, "So we can get our house in order." Isn't that interesting. Maybe that's a clue about what this month has in store.It is a very cheeky deck. There we go. There's the side of it. That gives you more of a clue as to how cheeky it is. So, we will see how many cards we'll need and see what comes up energetically for October.September was, I just heard, a "crucial" month. Also, "critical." I was going to say, a very active month. Hold on. I'm being pulled away from the camera so you can't see the shuffling as much. I apologize. The energy is really intense. So. That's not unusual. I'm actually shuffling these upside down. Let's do this. There we go. All right.There's our first card. It's going to go there. Very unusual. I'm working with different energies than I have been, and whereas the energies I was working with before this point in time liked to place the cards from right to left - Oops. One just fell out of the deck. I'm actually going to put that there. That's interesting. That doesn't often happen.As I was saying, the energies I've been working with before this liked to place the cards from right to left. And so, I'm still a little caught off guard - Almost there. - when I'm asked to place the cards from left to right. We're starting with those. I don't necessarily feel we're ending with those. That's what we're starting with.I'm going to take a sip of my tea. I have a little bit of a tickle in my throat. It's Winter Spice by Twinings, and it's lovely. It's pretty mild. I don't mind intense spice. This isn't that, but it's very soothing; plenty of cinnamon. Just really nice for Fall.Okay. So, let's just dive in here and find out - Are these in order? They are. And this one... I just heard this is our "wild card." This one here is our wild card. So, let's start up here.


Death ~ The Housewives TarotAlrighty, then. How's that for a starter card? Death. And now I have a sense of why we're using this deck. It's because of, kind of, its comical nature. It's perhaps because it's all done quite tongue-in-cheek even though it falls very much into line with traditional Tarot. I just heard, "It's more palatable." I wouldn't call salmonella palatable, but hey. That's okay.So, we're starting with Death. And so let's stop and think about that for a moment; the fact that this Fall season is extremely symbolic death-wise. Those of us who live in a region where the leaves change color and then drop off the trees, there's an example of death, right there. And yet, it isn't a true death is it? Really it's about the trees going to sleep for a season - for two seasons, really. When you get down to it, it's two seasons' worth.And what happens with death? Even - this is from my belief system - even when we experience our physical death as humans, we go on to live in a different way. We go on to live in spirit. We return to "a fullness of soul," as my guides have often said. And then, for many people, there is a return to life again.So, death, as I just heard, "is only the beginning." However, let's find out more about what this card really means for us in the month of October, beyond its symbolism. Okay? I will give that over to our collective guides.

Then, perhaps you could understand that for change to occur, there must be a death. And with a death there comes new life... new light. With death there comes understanding, there comes acceptance, there comes surrender. This is what is required in the month that comes. There is need for surrender, understanding, acceptance. In such a way, death may occur in a manner that will best help all people and also Earth.

Well, that seems pretty clear, doesn't it? Well... Okay. I'm being shown what looks like missiles. And I just heard, "symbolic"; symbolic missiles. So... I actually just heard, "shots fired."Where have "shots" been fired in your life?Where might you have "guided missiles" locked and loaded?At whom or what are they directed, and why?Is it necessary?And if it is, what prevents you from putting to rest what needs putting to rest?What prevents you from putting to death what needs putting to death?I'm hearing the song, "Now is the Season for Loving." I don't think that's the title of it. It's a song, I believe, from the 60s or 70s. [It's actually "Time of the Season for Loving."] And it's really interesting that that would come up around this.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBxK3CcOQD8Well... Except that considering the tone of the channeled message, and considering what I'm experiencing myself energetically, we could be talking about the death of egoic practices and beliefs that prevent us from loving fully; loving ourselves; loving others; loving our planet. And I feel like that's really what this is about.And this is an ideal time we're heading into. I think this was talked about a little bit last month, too; the fact that Autumn is a perfect time for doing this sort of shadow work. Because that's what that is: shadow work. So, things to consider, for sure. All right?The Death card in Tarot - death in general - isn't something to fear. But I'm being guided to mention specifically in Tarot, Death is not a card to be feared. Death is the precursor to life. Okay? Think of it that way. Don't get freaked out.

The Hermit

The Hermit ~ The Housewives TarotOh, my goodness. By the way, I want to mention, Death is a major arcana card. In Tarot, there are 22 cards for the major arcana, and the other 56 cards - there are 78 cards total - are for the minor arcana. The major arcana... I call these "the heavy hitters." They're the power cards in Tarot. So the fact that we already have two of these "heavy hitters" - these power cards from the major arcana - is significant. Okay?The Hermit... The artwork is really fantastic and fun. That's the type of hermitting we all could invest some time in. That's self-card, right there. Looks like fun, right? Bubbles and everything.So... The Hermit is about going within. The Hermit is, I just heard, "walking the journey of the intuition." And I just heard, "indwelling." That's another topic, it feels like. Maybe not. So, The Hermit...

With The Hermit, there is need to remind all people, as they enter this season in October, we notice need for rest, reserve, meditation, contemplation, and remembering to begin with what resides in the heart.

Well, what a beautiful message. That's a beautiful message. Yes, it would serve us all well to take advantage of this time of the year; to invest in some hermit time; some self-care time; to perhaps invest ourselves or reinvest ourselves in a meditation practice. Five or ten minutes a day.You may find that that's a nice start and feels doable, and then you may discover you enjoy it so much you want more of it. And if that's the case, that's terrific. But truly, five or ten minutes is a wonderful start for meditation. It will remind you who you are when you aren't plagued by the ego's chit-chat; by your monkey mind.And that's not to say that... Not for everybody is it the case that you decide to meditate, you sit down, you close your eyes, and your mind just clears. That would be wonderful if that was the case. It doesn't happen for all of us. It doesn't happen for me. I have to really settle in before my mind clears because I'm too much of a thinker. That's just the way I'm wired.So, kind of give yourself a break around that. I just heard that: "Give yourself a break." Even if during those five or ten minutes as you're beginning a practice you find that there's a laundry list of things cycling through your brain, let them cycle through. Just let them. Don't get hung up on them. Don't get all up in yourself, chastising yourself for not doing it "right." Notice what comes up for you and just let it go. Just let it go.That's how we begin. And if you're a person who already meditates, maybe this is a call to action to deepen your meditation. Maybe this is a call to explore different types of meditation; maybe a guided meditation; maybe transcendental meditation.

Also we would say, we would wish for people to remember they may have need for more sleep, and also to honor this. And also with sleep it may be that there will be work occurring as though it were in meditation.

Yeah. I love that that was brought up, because sleep, aside from basically recharging our physical body - recharging the "batteries" that run our physical body - I know for myself, sleep is way more than sleep. A lot goes on while I'm sleeping. I know that I astral travel, and I also know that my dreams are sometimes extremely prophetic and at the very least productive, insightful; riddled with messages from my spirit team.

And we also notice that in dreams can come what is unable to be reasoned with in your waking hours.

Such a good point. For a lot of us, yes, we have intuitive abilities and we're aware of that, and we do a lot with them or some with them. When we're sleeping, our ego is at rest. And that means when we're sleeping, our intuitive abilities are probably at the purest possible level. Isn't that something to think about? So what an opportune time for our spirit teams to, as I just heard, "coordinate" with us. So, yes, sleep; rest. 'Tis the season. Okay?Alrighty then. Onto the next one.

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups ~ The Housewives TarotAha! So here's a card from the minor arcana. This is the Nine of Cups. Wow. This is so interesting. Nine of Cups. What a great picture. It looks... I love the crystal glasses. It looks very rich. It looks festive. It feels traditional; lots of nostalgia wrapped up here. So, with the Nine of Cups, I've already tossed out some keywords here. Abundance...

We notice that the woman receives a gift and we could assume the gift is from the man. We notice that in this way we would suggest to you, a gift awaits you when you are permitting death, resting. Then comes the gift. And we notice the gift will be that of greater soul energy and greater intuition, and also peace.

Wow. Boy, October holds a lot of promise. And so, let's look at the juxtaposition here. We've just been told a story, really. Here's the beginning, the middle, the end.

  1. Surrender, acceptance, symbolic death, permitting change, permitting new life.
  2. Resting, meditating, reinvesting ourselves in self-care.
  3. Reaping the benefits.

So that's the October story in a nutshell. That's the energy for October in a really fantastic nutshell. And how appropriate is nutshell - that that came up? All I can think of is all the squirrels and the chipmunks outside collecting walnuts and acorns and everything else they can this time of the year. They're hilarious to watch. I encourage you to watch them as part of your hermit practice. It's very meditative and also amusing.So, now we have our wildcard. Let's see what this is.

The Star

The Star ~ The Housewives TarotI don't deal with reversals. If shadow stuff comes up, it comes up. I don't need an upside down card to bring up shadow stuff.So, we have The Star. And again, the imagery says so much. This woman has clearly won a blue ribbon for her pie. And I don't think she could be any happier about it. And look: She's surrounded by ribbons. So, she - I just heard, "She is being showered with accolades. Showered with accolades."So, I wonder if The Star is basically putting the bow on the present that is the Nine of Cups. I'm getting a "yes" on that. Let's see if we have any more of a message. I'm trying to keep this in the picture. It seems appropriate to put The Star over Death. Let's see if there's a channeled message for this.

We notice that The Star symbolizes all that is possible when the unfolding is permitted; when the story is read; when the story is upheld. The Star is the wonder of what lies within the present. 

Well, I love that. "The Star is the wonder that lies within the present." So, way more than a bow and way more than a present, I would say. It isn't just what's in the present, it's the whole meaning of what the present is capable of bringing to us.So, let me see if there's anything else for me to say about this. No. Well, okay, "no" and then I just heard, "Trump." And I'm wondering if we're supposed to go there at all.

We mention Trump only in that there is also a wish for you to understand that energy of this nature is available and is wished upon all people. And we have some need to remind all people that even though there may be those who would seem to work against Earth and her people, these people are still in way of receiving and needing the medicine or prescription that is offered within these cards.

Yes. And I would also include the leader of North Korea in that; terrorist groups; racist groups; all those - for each of us as a person, the individuals and the groups that we have difficulty with; disagreement with. They are also in need of the energy that's being offered up here. They need it and it will, yes, of course, serve them as it will serve each of us. Even better, it will serve the collective for them to receive this. Think of that.It will serve the collective for those that we hold in disagreement to receive this energy. So important to remember that. So important to hold compassion for all people.That will help heal Earth faster than anything else we can possibly do. Okay?So, unless there's anything else from our guides, which I'm getting a "no" on, that concludes our October reading. It's powerful. This is really powerful stuff here.So, enjoy. And I would love to hear what comes up for you as we step into October.If you feel that you are in need of more clarity about what this could mean for you, then you can always book a session with me and I'd be happy to go over that with you. You can book anything from 20 minutes to an hour and a half with me.Please take really good care. Enjoy this beautiful month as it comes in, and have fun unwrapping the gift that's coming for you. Blessings be.

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