How do you feel right now?What are you doing right now?It's a fact: the only time we know we have, with absolute certainty, is the time we have right now.How do you want to feel right now?What do you want to do right now?It's another (related) fact: the only - and therefore best - time to choose how we feel and what we do is right now.Be NowConsider this...If you think, "I'll feel better tomorrow," you've made an empty promise to yourself.Why would you choose to wait to feel better? Why not feel better right now?...and this...If you think, "I'll do that tomorrow," you've told the Universe it - whatever that "it" may be - isn't your priority. Maybe it isn't.And yet, if it is, why put it off? Why not do it right now?Now is your time. What are you going to do with it?