New Moon Forecast

Today marks the new moon in Pisces, and it's a whopper.

The energy of this new moon feels much like a resurrection. Let's explore that more deeply through a standard past-present-future spread using Colette Baron Reid's The Enchanted Map oracle cards.

New Moon Forecast: March 8, 2016

New Moon Forecast ~ March 8, 2016

Protecting Treasure ~ Past Influence

The term "hiding your light" comes up here. There's an indication that we haven't been allowing our lights to shine full-force; that we've been shadowing it or dimming it.

The reason for that could be as basic as needing to reserve our energy.

Then again, it could be that we've been less than clear about who we are with the people in our lives who we consider judgmental. <- This is the likely suspect.

When we hide our light, we aren't really protecting ourselves.

When we hide our light, we're telling the universe - and ourselves - that we need to take the safe route; the known route; the route we've always taken.

And when we do that, we literally stunt our growth; our spiritual growth, that is. Protecting ourselves, then, becomes belittling ourselves; dummying ourselves; restricting ourselves.

Is this what we've been doing, consciously or unconsciously? Time to 'fess up to ourselves.

Strength ~ Present Situation

The term "take center stage" comes up here. And this gem of a message: "Show yourself in the fullness of the power with which you are blessed."

We are blessed with extraordinary measures of power; abilities that allow us to intuit and perceive and see, feel, hear, smell, taste beyond the confines of the human senses. (The strength of those abilities will be different to a person, as all abilities are.)

We're urged to have the strength of spirit to exercise those abilities in the bright light of day; to own up, without reservation, to all we are and all we can do. That's what's meant by that message gem above.

The spirit realm wants us to expose our power for all the world to see.

And if that's something that makes us shudder with the possibility of what others may think of us, then it's something that needs even more to be done.

The strength to expose ourselves anyway will brighten the way we are and the way we will be.

Besides, as a wise man once said, "What other people think of me is none of my business." And so it is.

Cleaning House ~ Future Outcome

Such an interesting outcome card, given the tone of the first two cards. What does it mean? It means...

"The way will become clear when your light is woven into the fabric of your life."

That means, by choosing to find the strength within to fully own our power, and to expose ourselves in that way with all the people in our life, the purpose of our life here on Earth will become abundantly and wholly clear.

There'll be no second-guessing what we're meant to be doing. There'll be no wondering what's next. There'll be no need to constantly barrage ourselves with questions about our intentions and motivations.

All those self-doubts and self-recriminations will be cleared away, leaving us with a "clean house" from which to move forward as fully-functioning beings of light in a human shell.

Imagine the possibilities.

That's All to Say...

This new moon, then, is about bringing the light of our spirit fully into our lives.

It's about manifesting the life we're meant to live through requiring that we own up to ourselves and our strength of spirit.

It's about welcoming ourselves, in all our brilliance and glory, into the full spectrum of our everyday.

There's an Oil for That

My usage of essential oils veers predominantly toward the energetic. That being the case, I find the energy of essential oils can resonate beautifully with divination cards.

Here are the essential oils that resonate - energetically - with the cards above:

Protecting Treasure:

Awaken resonates with Protecting Treasure

Awaken™ resonates with Protecting Treasure.


Magnify Your Purpose resonates with Strength

Magnify Your Purpose resonates with Strength.

Cleaning House:

Clarity resonates with Cleaning House

Clarity™ resonates with Cleaning House.

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