My View on Tarot Court Cards

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot (and oracle), I'm sharing my view on Tarot court cards.31 Days of Tarot, Day 15: My View on Tarot Court CardsMy view on Tarot court cards... My view on Tarot court cards...This isn't something I've thought about before, and so this post is very much a stream of consciousness in response to today's prompt.As I look at the four cards I was guided to pull from the Universal Waite deck, I keep feeling they have something to say; something important to tell me or - as the case may be - the person receiving a reading from me.These court cards - and let's suppose all court cards - are very much the chatterboxes of Tarot decks.They have wisdom to share, and they may also have "dirt" or "dish" to share. They offer sneak peeks into people more so than the other Tarot cards - including the people who populate the Major Arcana.For example, at this moment...The Queen of Cups tells me that while she appears to "have it all" there's something missing; something powerful that calls to her and yet escapes her.She also tells me that riches aren't everything; that relationships are most important and most valuable. And so that may be her missing link.Some may call her "emotional." They would be correct, and yet her emotions are merely an example of the depth of her heart and its longings.The Page of Wands confesses to being an inquisitive person. The wand he holds frames a great truth and he - or she - wishes to know that truth. And highly likely to share that truth, too.This page is one who can be trusted to practice prudence as long as it's specifically asked for, and that theme of doing and being will permeate all aspects of this page's world. She - or he - will make sure the task is done.The Knight of Pentacles has no time for anything but the pursuit of earthly matters at this juncture. This knight wishes to be permitted to fulfill his duty to country and bring home the bacon, so to speak.The coin is an emblem for this knight; one he holds proudly and, perhaps, above all else.The Queen of Swords feels very sure and certain about her position in the world. She values that position in a manner which to some may appear high and mighty, and yet for her it's more about the confidence than the "gifts" of the position.This queen will take matters into her own hands, if necessary, and yet she won't do so at the expense of the highest good. Her cloak provides an important clue as to her inner workings, which revolve around the skies and the heavens. She's deeply spiritual.That's all to say that I greatly appreciate the court cards. They can be wonderfully revealing, and also tremendously amusing in their overt insightfulness.And about that "in this moment" part: One thing about any card - Tarot or oracle - is that they won't offer up the same message twice.Depending on the day, the person they're referencing, my frame of mind, what I had for breakfast (maybe not what I had for breakfast), their messages will be different every time.And so it is with these court cards. Tomorrow, the Queen of Cups might simply tell me she needs a break from the drama and wants to go on vacation. ;-)

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