My Top Tarot Books of 2016

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm exploring - and divulging - my top (aka most-favored) Tarot books from 2016.31 Days of Tarot, Day 4: My Top Tarot Books from 2016To be clear, I didn't read any Tarot books in 2016. That didn't prevent me from taking note of several that I'd like to add to my reading list for 2017, though.Here, in no particular order, are the Tarot books that caught my eyes:The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed and Mary K. GreerIt's a Tarot coloring book! I love coloring books and I love Tarot, so this one might seem like a no-brainer, except... There's a lot more than coloring happening between the pages of this book.Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady, has birthed a book that bridges knowledge and zen. Her book is packed full of great information about each Tarot card and then offers the coloring-book version of each Tarot card up for colorful interpretation. I love that.Holistic Tarot by Benebell WenClocking in at 896 pages, Holistic Tarot's physical energy definitely feels harrowing. The words and wisdom on those pages, though; their energy feels earthy and rich and - in a very interesting way - light in terms of human-scale weight.What's delicious about that combination of energy is the accessibility of it; the power of it without being overbearing or burdening. I know I'll learn a lot about Tarot - and about myself - through this book.Tarot: The Magician by Tim KaneThis book is a work of fiction that centers around Tarot; specifically, The Magician card. I'm so intrigued!I don't read much in the way of fiction these days, and so for a novel to catch my interest in such a way just can't be ignored. It's feeling like this will be a Winter read for me. I look forward to it.The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of Tarot by Liz DeanThis is a book I'll need to purchase in its paperback incarnation because of the spreads. While I prefer reading via Kindle (saves paper; saves space), when it comes to things like card spreads the visuals don't always translate well to a Kindle. (My opinion.)Notice how I've mentioned the spreads and - ahem - the spreads? As much as the book in its entirety will undoubtedly provide me with a whole lot of benefit, it's the spreads that are tickling my fancy. I love trying new ones. :-)Tarot Spreads: Layouts & Techniques to Empower Your Readings by Barbara MooreThis was a last-minute addition to this list, thanks to The Tarot Lady. In her series Tarot Spread Test Drive, Theresa recently "test drove" Barbara Moore's Facing a Challenge spread and mentioned the book.I immediately added it to my must-have (in paperback) list.Seventy-Eight Degrees of Tarot by Rachel PollackThere's something about this book that whispers, "Invite me in." How can I possibly resist a book that speaks to me in such a way? I can't.This book has something to share with me, and so I'll make myself available to receive what's meant to be shared with an open heart and a whole lot of curiosity.And there you have them: the Tarot books I'll be investing in for 2017, from 2016.

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