My Tarot and Oracle Journals

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot (and oracle), I'm sharing my Tarot (and oracle) journals.31 Days of Tarot, Day 17: My Tarot and Oracle JournalsThere they are: the three books in which I record my personal Tarot and oracle draws.That I even record them is a huge shift for me. I began recording my Tarot draws last year, mostly because of Taking on Tarot. I liked it so much, and found so much value in it, I began recording oracle draws, too.

The Oracle Journal

The colorful spiral-bound notebook on top houses my long-form oracle journaling. This is where there can be multiple pages given over to a single card, or where multiple-card readings are channeled.This is also the journal that sees sporadic usage. It isn't every day that I channel long-form messages for the personal cards I draw. And it isn't every day that I'm guided to draw as many as five or more cards at one time.When it comes to long-form oracle card messages, I can almost guarantee there are big changes in the making. This journal holds "the big stuff," in that way.

The Filofax

A Filofax isn't just for calendar business. Not a bit of it. My Filofax consists of a page-per-day calendar format, and for each day there's a loose-leaf paper insert onto which goes my daily card draws.Whether it's Tarot or oracle, I draw one card in the morning before doing anything business-related, and I draw a second card at the end of the day, right before bed.As with all card draws, I receive channeled messages related to them. With these, those messages tend to be on the super-short side; maybe two or three sentences.Sometimes the messages are businessy, and yet more often they're of a personal nature which can certainly be said to support the business side of things.I have to say, I love this system I've developed. I love that I can easily look back at any given day and see what may have been brought to my attention, and notice how it's showed up since.

The Tarot Journal

This is your basic stitch-bound, college-ruled notebook that I've decorated with a pocket-sized Rider-Waite Tarot deck to make clear its intent. It's in this notebook that Taking on Tarot was born, and continues to thrive.Each card in the Tarot deck has its own page - both sides, because that's necessary to contain the volume of writing that comes with each card's exploration and divination.This is a huge help to me in understanding both the developer's intent for Tarot, and also how I intuitively perceive Tarot, and also what my guides have to say about Tarot. It can be said I leave no stone unturned with each card. At least, that's my intent. :-)So, that's that. Those are my Tarot and oracle journals.Do you keep journals for your divination card draws, too?

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