My Stalker Card from 2016

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm exploring - and divulging - my stalker card from 2016.31 Days of Tarot, Day 5: Stalker Card from 2016: The TowerIt's The Tower.The card on the left is from the Universal Waite Tarot deck by Arthur Edward Waite with illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith (recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts).The card on the right is from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.They're very different in style, aren't they? Or are they? They actually depict an almost identical scenario through their different settings and color schemes.The Tower has stalked me throughout 2016 in terms of actual drawing (or falling out of) the deck and also in terms of its energetic impact on and results in my life and the world around me.While some may consider this one of Tarot's "bad" cards, I don't see it that way at all. In fact, I welcome its energy.

The Tower Heals

The Tower is, in its way, a master healer. That's to say, The Tower can convert a healing process into a healing crisis to get to the root of something that's been too-long going on.It uproots and exposes. It forces, to a degree, the depth of healing which must happen in order for healing to be a permanent fixture.Given that potential, consider that the recent U.S. election was a Tower moment. Consider the implications of that. Consider the potential of that.It's a changemaker. It's a change instigator. It's a change keeper.One way to look at The Tower's energy is to consider that it's agriculturally helpful to allow land to fallow.  After the growing season is over and the land is plowed, some land is left to fallow for a season or more in that exposed  and seemingly vulnerable state.Fallowing is healing for the land. Past its fallow period, the land is rejuvenated and ready to receive and nourish seeds.The Tower is a take-no-prisoners card because there's no need to take prisoners. There's no need to inflict suffering beyond the twinge of exposure for that deepest sensitive root system; for that lower-level soil.Once exposed, the system (or soil) is available for the attention it needs to create the healing it needs.What a wonderful opportunity. Is it any wonder that I appreciate this card and welcomed its stalking this past year?

Deck from My 2016 Wishlist

Deck from My 2016 Wishlist

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