My Relationships with Tarot Court Cards

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot (and oracle), I'm dishing on the relationships I'd have with Tarot court cards... and why.In this post, we're meant to choose the court cards representing who we'd date, who we'd marry, who we'd be best friends with and who we'd view as a mortal enemy, and explain why.31 Days of Tarot, Day 14: The Tarot court cards I'd date, marry, be best friends with, and view as a mortal enemy

I'd Date the Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups represents qualities I also hold dear: peacefulness, gentleness, creativity and imagination. He's knight in shining armor material, although I wouldn't expect (or wish for) him to save me.This knight would be a wonderful partner for me, I feel. Romantic movie nights with wine and dark chocolate alongside popcorn... Walks on the beach discussing universal concepts... Reading to each other...Yes, please.

I'd Marry the King of Pentacles

Even though it may seem that the King of Pentacles, who represents prosperity and ambition, is the antithesis of the Knight of Cups, there's a reason for this potential match: He embodies the side of me that can see the value in prosperity and who also has ambition.For completely different reasons from my white knight - although that isn't to say this king could also embody those knightly qualities - I'd choose to marry this worldly and undoubtedly scintillating king.

I'd be Best Friends with the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands represents a lot of what I choose to stand for. In many ways, she's my reflection.And while it could be said that there's something to be said for befriending those who are different from us - for the sake of interest and challenge, if nothing else - I feel we'd complement each other very well without being too much alike.In fact, as I reflect on her, I see one of my dearest friends represented by her energy. No wonder she's my choice for best friend.

I'd View the King of Swords as a Mortal Enemy?

Before I get into the "why" of this, let me state, for the record, that I don't "do" mortal enemies, thus the question mark. With that out of the way...It's the King of Swords energy in the reversed position which rankles me, and reminds me of someone that is figuring - looming - largely on the world landscape at this time in history.The reversed energy of this otherwise noble king resonates with tyranny and abuse and manipulation, none of which has any place in our beautiful and great world, in my opinion.If I had the opportunity to speak with this king in a real-life sort of way, suffice to say I'd have a whole lot of pieces of mind to offer him.And by pieces of mind, I mean to say I'd be over-the-moon curious to know - and give free rein to - whatever his guides might bring to the table during a sit-down.And so it is, dearies: my court card relationships.

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