My Path is Not My Destination

Ya-Ya Deb-Deb sent this image to me on Facebook a couple days ago.

I have a nearly identical umbrella. Mine has a feminine ruffle. Coincidence? No. Serendipity.

Also, I'm feeling more peaceful about the changes in store for me. One of my ego triggers is life not going as I have envisioned it. I am detail-oriented, so when I envision something, I tend to envision it down to the nitty-gritty, and that can turn around and bite me in the ass. It has done so, more than once.

Conversely, when I set myself on a course and don't get caught up in the who/what/when/where/why/how of it - when I go with the flow - the path is easier; gentler. I need to work on forgoing the trigger and go straight to the "go with the flow" part.

Do you get caught up in the details, or do you go with the flow?

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