My Favorite Tarot and Oracle Reading Accessories

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm sharing my favorite Tarot and oracle reading accessories... I think. 😉I admit it: This prompt stumped me a bit. More than a bit. So much did it stump me that I considered skipping over it, and then realized that skipping it over it would mean the unsuccessful completion of this challenge.We can't have that now, can we?So.31 Days of Tarot, Day 28: My Favorite Tarot and Oracle Reading AccessoriesPictured are representatives of the myriad "accessories" which accompany me through Tarot and oracle readings:

🕯 Guardian angel🕯 Water, water, and more water🕯 Snowy quartz🕯 Black tourmaline

They're less accessories and more assistants, I'd say.

Guardian Angel

She's one of four who offer their light and energy and divine wisdom to my workspace, and therefore the readings done there. I find a lot of comfort in their presence.


What's a reading without water? And not just because of the element and its energies as they may envelop - or at least flow through - a reading.This is straight-up self-care 101. Having that water bottle full and at the ready to keep me hydrated and help my body move toxins and other waste through is beyond important.

Snowy Quartz

This snowy quartz is a keeper. This VA (virtual assistant) does her work primarily when a deck is being cleared and/or charged, and yet she also stands on guard to mitigate certain frequencies which might muck up readings.

Black Tourmaline

This black tourmaline is a keeper, too, and likes to keep in touch - very literally - with the snowy quartz. Also a VA, he works with the snowy quartz to keep decks cleared and get them charged as well as he stands guard to "sound out" less-than-desirable energies.He's also a fantastic smudger. When I need spot smudging during or after a high-level reading, I just pick him up and wave him through my energy field. He works much the same for "spot-cleaning" cards.There you have them: My favorite Tarot and oracle *assistants*. 👐

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