My Favorite Pop Culture Tarot Representative

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm sharing my favorite pop culture Tarot representative from TV or movies.31 Days of Tarot, Day 20: My Favorite Pop-Culture Tarot Representative from TV or MoviesIntroducing Tom Hanks as the King of Cups... Or is that the King of Cups as Tom Hanks? Hmm... ;-)I love that there's a Tarot representation for King Tom, and such an admirable one, at that.Speaking of which, has Tom ever played a king? If not, isn't it about time? I believe he'd make an audaciously awesome - or awesomely audacious - king. :-)Truly, it's almost too ideal, this representation.There's the fact that Tom is an actor who is able to express emotion beautifully on screen and on stage, and appears to have equal ability off-screen and off-stage.That's the King of Cups, all over. The king may sit upon a throne, and yet he is an emotionally available man. That makes him an emotionally available king to his subjects.He's compassionate and kind and caring. And that isn't to say it places him in any sort of difficulty making challenging calls and moves. It's to say that he makes those calls and moves from his heart, first and foremost.And then there's the fact that Tom is such a stable sort of guy, by all appearances. He's a guy you can count on to show up when he's supposed to and be as prepared as he needs to and finish what he starts.That's the King of Cups, too. That's why his throne sits so evenly upon the flowing water of the emotional landscape. He understands and embodies balance in that way, and Tom seems to, too.Wouldn't it be wicked cool to have Tom star as the King of Cups in a Tarot-based movie? Who might his co-stars be, I wonder? What would the storyline be?Maybe something along the lines of a Tarot deck coming to life when a spell is lifted, and the hilarity that might ensue. Someone in Hollywood needs to get on that ASAP, please.

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