[Motivation] Excuses, Be Gone

[Motivation] Excuses, Be Gone


This morning, I felt compelled to take a photo of my corner office. Yes, it's a corner office. After all, it's 1) in a corner and 2) my office space. And you know what? It isn't fancy. It isn't even a designated room. And yet it provides me with everything I need to conduct my business. And that's important - and also the purpose for this motivation post.

Excuses, be Gone | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive :: The Soul Ways

It's far too easy for our ego to tell us that we're supposed to have certain things or be a certain way before we embark on something our soul urges us toward. It convinces us we need those things/to be that way. And it's far too easy for us to believe our ego, which then prevents us from following our soul's urging.

"I'm supposed to be attuned/certified first."

This is only true if the field you wish to serve within requires actual mandated certification - like hypnosis, nutrition, etc. As for the attunement part: categorically untrue. (And if you're called to offer pastoral services like weddings, funerals, home blessings... ordination is a click away.)

"I need that brand new high-end computer first."

This is only true if the computer you currently have is incapable of running whatever programs you need to run without 1) crashing or 2) making everything take twice as long. And I get it, because I love updated - new! all the bells and whistles! oh, so fast! - hardware. My computer is four years old, and even though I'd love an update, and it's running a teeny-tiny bit slower than it used to, I truly don't need one yet.

"I need to be fully healed before I help others heal."

This is only true if what needs healing for you currently causes you harm, or might inflict harm upon those you serve. Healing is a life-long journey - even a lives-long journey. The truth of the matter is, our wounds may actually help us serve others better, because they offer us a compassionate, empathetic and empathic frame of reference.

"Every successful writer uses that software. I need to buy it first."

This is so not true. I've seen the hype about Scrivener, and yet haven't bought into it. While Scrivener isn't really that expensive, it's all relative depending on your budget. Word does the job beautifully, or you could use Google Doc's word processor. And you can always use Trello or Asana if you feel as though you want to manage your chapters and characters in a similar fashion to Scrivener. If you want to be a successful writer, you just need to write.

"All the card readers I follow have dozens of decks. I'm still building my collection."

I call full-on bull$hit on this one, because I went through that phase. I had, at one time, over two dozen oracle and Tarot decks. My theory was, it was important to have "something for everyone," deck-wise. What a waste of resources that was. Now, I have four - four! - total decks I work with; two oracle and two Tarot. And you know what? They cover all bases just fine.

That's all to say...

Excuses, be gone. Because subscribing to an ego-based belief that you need to have certain things or need to be a certain way to fulfill your soul's purpose does you - and those you're meant to serve - a huge disservice.

Stop making excuses. Follow your soul's urging and do the thing; make the thing; be the thing. Blessed be.

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