Moon to Moon Instagram, Blog and Facebook Prompts

Moon to Moon Instagram, Blog and Facebook Prompts

Over the month of July, I participated in an awesome Instagram challenge. It was called Tarot for the Wild Soul - #tarotforthewildsoul - and I loved it. I loved that it got me tuning in to my soul through Tarot cards.I sought out a similar challenge for August, and yet there wasn't one that resonated. My guides began nudging me to create my own, which I'm all for. I could have guessed they'd want me to share it so others could participate. I didn't, until it became abundantly clear that was the purpose.The Moon to Moon challenge was born.So, for those who might wish to do some gentle inner work beginning with the August 7 full moon, I present to you:

Moon to Moon Instagram, Blog and Facebook Prompts

Moon to Moon Instagram, Blog and Facebook Prompts for August 7, 2017 to September 5, 2017. Follow and/or join along with the hashtag #moontomoon.Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your preferred platform: blog, Facebook or Instagram. (Of course you can share your Instagram to Facebook, and you can share your blog to Facebook. It's a two-for.)
  2. Each day, draw a Tarot card or an oracle card or, if you prefer, snap a picture from your surroundings that fits the prompt from your perspective.
  3. Share your impressions around the cards' or images' resonance as they relate to each prompt.
  4. Use the Moon to Moon hashtag - #moontomoon - so we can find you and enjoy your responses.

Note: If you choose the blog route, please leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog so we can follow along.Now for the juicy part. :-)

The Moon to Moon Prompts

Remember, these are Moon to Moon Prompts, so we're starting with the full moon in August and ending the day before the full Moon in September. (It also happens to be the end of Mercury retrograde. Great timing.) That's a total of 30 prompts.These prompts are all about getting you to tune in to your inner being and make use of your intuitive senses. And while it could be said that means they're exercises, and I'd agree, I urge you to consider that they can also help you see yourself more clearly and compassionately.Here they are, with some added detail:

7 August: Describe the full moon energy as it impacts you.

Notice how the full moon energy feels to you. Does it feel differently when you observe it with eyes open and eyes closed? What is her message for you?

8 August: What am I shedding under the full moon energy?

Full moon energy is releasing energy. Whether it's internal or external, spiritual or mental-emotional or physical, what are you called to shed?

9 August: What's my recent lesson learned?

We're always learning. Sometimes it's book learning, sometimes it's hands-on learning and sometimes it's experiential learning. This inquiry is intended for your spirituality, and may resonate with your beliefs about yourself and the world.

10 August: Who am I, right now?

Rather than stop, drop and roll, stop, ground and feel into your essence. From that focal point, answer the question.

11 August: Where is balance needed in my life?

You're welcome to consider this a set-up question to prepare you for Mercury retrograde. Identifying imbalance today will set you up for course-correction during retrograde's helpful energy.

12 August: What does Mercury retrograde have in store for me?

We're in Mercury retrograde officially today. Consider this retrograde's penchant for bringing up to us what (still) needs our attention and slowing us down to deal with it. What's on the retrograde agenda?

13 August: What's my favorite divination tool, and why?

As you're deep-diving into the retrograde's demands, consider how you might make use of divination tools (cards, pendulums, runes, etc.) to assist you. What's your favorite divination tool for self-reflection, and why?

14 August: Where does creativity show up in my life?

How do you bring creativity into your everyday life? How does it impact you?

15 August: Share a recent wink from the Universe.

We receive signs and symbols - some subtle, some overt - from our guides and angels and ancestors, and the Universe at large - on the daily. What's a recent "wink" that caught your attention? Is there a response or result you can share?

16 August: What needs to be "dust in the wind"?

What in your life is much like dust settled on a table top? What can you do to create a breath of fresh air that will whisk that dust away?

17 August: What two things need changing in my life?

The ask is for two because that's what my guides gave me for a number. :-) That said, limiting yourself to just two things or areas may keep overwhelm at bay.

18 August: Identify a chronic argument with myself and a step to shift it.

You know what this means, right? We can get ourselves into a headspace where we're fighting ourselves. Identify that headspace and way to shift its energy. (And then, shift its energy.)

19 August: When I open wide, I receive... ?

Mmm... Take a nice, easy breath into your heart chakra. Release it. Take another, and this time intend that your heart chakra open as wide as it possibly can. Sit in that wide-open heart energy. Invite what you're meant to receive there. What is it?

20 August: When I pause to breathe, I... ?

Similar to yesterday's prompt with the breath, and yet different because there's no intention here. The whole point is pausing to breathe; nothing else. What happens to you when you do that?

21 August: Describe the solar eclipse and/or new moon energy.

Today is an auspicious day. We have both a new moon and a solar eclipse. How is that feminine moon energy and/or male sun energy impacting you?

22 August: Where do I need self-mastery?

Hold it. This isn't about getting down on yourself for not being "good enough" at something. This is about identifying an opportunity to expand. Answer the question from that expansive perspective.

23 August: What are my joy and sorrow, right now?

Notice the singular. There's no need for a laundry list of joys and a "litany" of sorrows. Acknowledge the joy and the sorrow that first rise up from the inquiry. Feel free to explore their meaning and insight for you.

24 August: What is the common thread between me and my goals?

I feel such a watchful - observant - energy around this question. When you consider yourself and then you consider your current goals as independent energies, what is it they share? What's the connector?

25 August: What am I waiting for?

This question has a high potential for diverse answers, depending on your perspective on the question itself.

26 August: What area of my life could use patience?

Be gentle here as you're really honest with yourself.

27 August: How can I be whole?

To answer this question, consider what "whole" means to you. Maybe you already feel you're whole. In that case, how can you magnify that feeling or how can you (or do you) share it with others?

28 August: When I open the door, I... ?

Consider an area where you feel there's a closed door preventing you from accessing what you need or achieving more or fill in the blank. Maybe you're waiting for the door to open. Now, imagine what might happen when you open the door for yourself.

29 August: When I hesitate, I... ?

Complete the sentence.

30 August: What ghosts are in my attic?

Put differently, "What skeletons are in my closet?" You aren't being asked to out yourself in any way - although go for it if that's what you're called to do. The question is an opportunity to air something (or some things) out that you've been hiding unnecessarily.

31 August: How can I better communicate my soul?

I see this as a possible hand-in-hand inquiry to the "whole" prompt. Considering your integration with your soul's energy, how can you better communicate that energy "in real life"?

1 September: What needs a shake-up in my life?

Sometimes, we need to give the snowglobe that is our life - or one of the snowglobes representing aspects of our life - a good shake. Which snowglobe in your life needs shaking? What might be the result?

2 September: Who in my life needs to hear from me today?

Bring this straight to your heart. It may help to bring a hand to your heart and to close your eyes so you can see better. Who needs to hear from you right now or today? Why might that be? How might reaching out help you, too?

3 September: The best way for me to rest is...

It's a Sunday and for many it is a day of rest. Supposing that latter part is true for you, ask for guidance around the best way for you to rest today.

4 September: How can I end Summer lovingly?

It's Labor Day and the unofficial last day of Summer here in the United States. How can you end Summer day in a loving (and perhaps delightful) way?

5 September: I will fly when I... ?

Imagine you're on "the edge of glory" and all it will take to experience glory is to take a leap of faith. On this eve of the full moon, having traveled moon to moon, what will it take for you to leap and make good use of the wings you possess for exactly that purpose?

Here are the Instagram- and Facebook-Ready Moon to Moon Prompts

Moon to Moon Instagram, Blog & Facebook Prompts for August 7, 2017 through September 5, 2017. Follow and/or join along with hashtag #moontomoon.

Blessings Be

I hope you find these Moon to Moon prompts supportive of the marvelous being you are.Please be sure to use the Moon to Moon hashtag - #moontomoon - so we can follow along. If you'll be blogging, please comment below with your blog address. I'll be posting on Instagram.Shine on, dear ones. Shine on, silver moon.

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