Mercury Goes Direct and Autumn Enters

It's yet another auspicious energy day.As of 1:30 am Eastern U.S., Mercury is direct, which means it's moving again. The Mercury shadow period will continue through October 2 before it resolves completely, and yet any feelings of being held back will be moving along with Mercury.As of 10:21 am Eastern U.S., Autumn enters. The Autumn Equinox brings with it energies associated with harvesting; manifesting, and reaping what's been sowed.Mercury goes direct and Autumn enters. All systems are "Go."

Break Out

No sooner had I typed "sowed" then I heard "break out." That's interesting.

We see the break out which is mentioned is the ability to break out of the casement of the retrograde and to proceed with plans which may have come to the heart during the retrograde. We see now is the time to bring into being the efforts which will be new.

That makes sense.As a human-life example, I did the research and basic legwork for something new to me and my business. It will be implemented tomorrow.Another example: A few days ago my spirit team informed me of something they wish for me to do, and took me to my favorite calendar app to plug in scheduled times to get it done. We start the project next week.In both instances, there's great opportunity for manifestation and harvest - and not just for me. Many, many, many people may benefit. I love that.

Carte Blanche

Another phrase heard in the pause past hitting the "enter" button after the last sentence. And what a great phrase it is.Carte blanche essentially means to have complete freedom to... Feel free to fill in the blank with whatever it is we're given carte blanche to do.

? It could be something we've been putting off due to retrograde or for other less spiritual reasons.? It could be something we've been held back from doing from the stuckness that can result from retrograde's energy.? It could be something that's been simmering for a while waiting for whatever was needed to cause the stars to align in its favor, and suddenly the stars are in alignment.

Whatever it is, we're now free to pursue it or complete it or move it forward without restriction. In fact, it could very well be with remarkable ease.

Green Light

The phrases from "the peanut gallery," as I call those spirits who speak in a form of sotto voice from just offstage, keep on coming.We're given the "green light" on plans and projects and ideas and insights and guidance we've received. Now is the time. No waiting. Get a move on. There's no more time to waste. Eco-friendly engines are revved and ready to roll.Buckle up. Let's go. ?

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