Meddlesome Mind

My mind meddled with my sleep last night.I got home at 11:11 after a fun evening spent with friends, washed up, and changed into my pajamas, yawning frequently. I climbed into bed, completed my daily Reiki self-practice, and... ... ...My mind would not stop racing.Snippets from a variety of songs, phrases like "boom chick-a wow wow," thoughts of the day just passed by, combined with thoughts of the day to come, combined with ideas for my novel (the current work in progress) created a non-stop ticker tape through my brain.12:12. Tick, tick, tick, tick.12:34. Tick, tick, tick, tick.I just wanted to sleep.I eventually fell asleep and yet woke myself up multiple times with the ongoing chatter of my over-stimulated brain. (Is it possible to over-stimulate your brain? Pure conjecture.)I was awake and out of bed at 6:12, at which point I decided it was as good a time as any to sweep the entire first floor of the house. Why not, right?By the time I was done, I was able to shut off all the lights I had switched on, the better to see what I was doing in the non-existent pre-dawn light.Happily, I don't experience many nights like last night. When they come, they seem to fall after a longer-than-usual day.hmm... Maybe I was overtired, rather than over-stimulated.At any rate, four cups of water, two cups of coffee, and a power-packed breakfast later, I am wide awake and embracing this gorgeous day.I'd like to think my mind will be less meddlesome when it's time to sleep tonight.Does your mind meddle with your need for sleep? How does it meddle?

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