Meanings of the Elevens (11:11, etc.)

The elevens, as I call them (so do many others, I'm sure) - those repetitive digital numbers that always end in 11 - are a phenomenon similar to angel numbers. They're most often seen on clocks and other devices that display the time in a digital format.

The main difference from angel numbers is, the elevens are generated by the spirit and Earth realms, which are comprised of:

  • ascended masters (Buddha, Jesus, etc.)
  • elementals (fairies, etc.)
  • in-spirit loved ones
  • in-spirit pets
  • spirit guides
  • Spirit
  • the collective (all spirit and earth realms)

The lesser difference is, they're more of a spiritual wave or high-five, as opposed to a specific and action-oriented meaning.

The most common of the elevens is 11:11 which, at a glance, seems to double-down on whatever power is implied or exemplified by the number 11. It is, in effect, the king or queen of the elevens, supposing there's a hierarchy (and depending on whether the preferred hierarchy is patriarchal or matriarchal).

Some schools of thought suggest that 11:11 is an ideal time to pause and make a wish. I come from a school of thought that suggests that any time is an ideal time to pause and make a wish.

That same school of thought suggests that 11:11 is a sign of affirmation or approval; an indication that you're on track and in alignment with your soul purpose. That being the case, and perhaps especially if you're unclear what your soul purpose is, check in with yourself about what you're doing and thinking, and how you're being and where you are when that number shows up.

As much as I love wishes, I much prefer to be in alignment. Being in alignment automagically sets me up for wishes coming to fruition. (There's that double-down I mentioned above, exemplified.)

Here are the meanings of the elevens

(They're also noted in text form below the following graphic.)

Meanings of the 11s ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #1111 #the11s #thesoulways

Meanings Realms of the Elevens

1:11 ~ The Collective: All spirit realms

2:11 ~ In-spirit loved ones

3:11 ~ Ascended masters

4:11 ~ Spirit

5:11 ~ Spirit guides

6:11 ~ In-spirit pets

7:11 ~ Spirit

8:11 ~ In-spirit loved ones

9:11 ~ Spirit guides

10:11 ~ Elementals

11:11 ~ Spirit

12:11 ~ Ascended masters

Additionally, 10:10 resonates with Spirit and 12:12 resonates with in-spirit loved ones.

I admit that when I was sourcing the meanings of these numbers ("sourcing" being a fancy term for meditating on), and the resonance for 6:11 was revealed as in-spirit pets, a lump came to my throat. The sweet ache of knowing that long-gone fur friends and fur babies make themselves known was a heartwarming and welcome surprise.

What's Your Take?

Do you see any of the elevens? If yes, did this post raise any revelations about your sightings?

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