Master Energy: Sneak Peek

If you're on my mailing list, then you'll have seen my reference to Master Energy, and a promise to discuss it next month. Well, it turns out next month is actually this month. Surprise! :-)

Master Energy

What Master Energy Is

Master Energy is a new healing modality that's been revealed to me through communications with the ascended masters.It's a powerful no-holds-barred energy that's been described by one recipient as "purposeful." That's an adjective I'd describe as a near-perfect fit (remembering there's no such thing as perfection).

Outline of a Session

Master Energy is called in - not channeled like Reiki, for example. Master Energy comes from the divine feminine - aka the light; the one; the all-that-is. It is called in by the practitioner, and then directed to the client.Its purposefulness shows up in the briefness of the healing sessions: No more than 30 minutes is needed to complete a session.Its purposefulness also shows up in its guided focus. The practitioner is guided to the locations which need the energy, and then guided through the calling-in process before she is guided to direct the energy where it's needed.And that last sentence reveals something very different about the Master Energy: Practitioners are, and will only be, females. That's due to the divine feminine being the energy source. Clients can be both male and female. Practitioners and teachers: female only.The session concludes with one of two mudras (hand signs) being used to seal the energy: the Shiva Linga or the Yoni.

Shiva Linga and Yoni Mudras

When - and Where - You Can Book a Session or Take a Class

Master Energy sessions and classes will be available beginning in mid-September. Right now, they'll only be available in New Hampshire. The plan is to attune students as soon as possible after that in order to spread its accessibility across the United States, and then beyond.More information both about sessions and classes will be coming by the beginning of September.If you're interested in knowing more, please sign up to the mailing list using the sign-up form here.

The New Age is Coming

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