Making Wishes Come True

This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. It was originally published 07/10/2013.

Yesterday, Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, wrote a post about wishes, and encouraged readers to leave a wish in the comments. As of this writing there are 1451 comments, and most contain at least two wishes.

Different Wishes For Different People

Some of the wishes are frivolous or, as commenters noted, "selfish." Maybe they are, and yet they were important enough to be noted, and so must mean something to the people who did so. Those wishes are for fancy cars, for trips to DisneyWorld, for even more pets...Most of the wishes are from the aching depths of commenters' hearts and souls.Those wishes are for more time with a deceased friend or relative, for a job, for the improved health of a loved one, for decreased pain and/or depression and/or anxiety, for enough money to pay the bills and buy groceries, for someone to give them a hug, for someone to love them...I read only a fraction of the comments, and they were touching enough to have me wish I could make all those wishes come true. As soon as I made the wish I felt the weight of the realization that I don't have that power.And as soon I felt the weight of that realization, I basked in the glow of a hopeful knowing:

If we whisper a wish, it may lie dormant. If we speak it out loud, we may empower it to come true.

Words Become Things

It may seem too simplistic. It may seem too easy. It may even seem impossible. Fact is, words become things. Words, especially those spoken aloud, or shared in a highly-trafficked comment thread, hold remarkable weight.

Just by having shared their heartfelt wishes, the commenters on Jenny's blog post, along with Jenny herself, have each set an energetic ball in motion. The key, now, is for all those people to keep their ball in motion. They can do that through the smallest action step.When we want to make a change in life, when we want improved or different, action is imperative. Thing is, some people equate action with big, sweeping motion. It needn't be that at all.

One Small Step At a Time

Want to lose 100 pounds? (At least one commenter made that wish.) You don't have to eliminate all the foods you love and feel hungry all the time. In fact, that's a setup for failure.Instead, start with one small step: instead of eating chips with your sandwich at lunch, eat chopped vegetables and/or a piece of fruit. Do that for a week, and then take another small step. Take enough steps over time, and this is a wish that can, without a doubt, come true.Want to find pain relief for yourself or a loved one? (There are so many wishes for this and similar.) Explore non-conventional options: meditation, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, essential oils, affirmations.If money is a roadblock to one of those alternative therapies, suggest a barter. That's what I did, and it's been a win-win.It isn't my intent, in any way, to minimize the dire situations that some of Jenny's commenters appear to be in. It is my intent to offer up some hope via the very real possibility that we have the power to make our wishes come true.What do you think? Can wishes come true?

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