Let me tell you a secret: Magic exists, and you make it.You're the magician.When you dream, intend, seek guidance, plan, and take action, you are creating magic. You are manifesting your dreams through your thoughts, words, and deeds.Magic exists and you make it.Do you believe it? If not, can you choose to?Spirit believes it and knows it to be true. Spirit believes in you and knows your ability to make magic is as real as the device you're reading this message on.You're the magician. You can make magic. Believe in you.P.S. When I drew the Angel card (The Magician) to associate with today's message, I wasn't surprised. In fact, I was reminded that at some point yesterday afternoon the word "magic" had appeared - as if by magic ;-) - in my head, along with the realization that it would be the theme for today. And then, I promptly forgot about it until I drew the card. I love Spirit. :-)