Our Limitless Souls

The other night, I gathered with my soul sisters for dinner. As we segued toward dessert, one of those sisters couldn't decide if she'd indulge, or not.I opened my mouth to say, "You only live once," gasped, and then fell into a fit of uncontrollable, can't-catch-a-breath laughter.When I recovered enough to speak, five pairs of amused and inquisitive eyes were on me."I was going to say, 'You only live once,'" I said. "But I just can't. I don't believe that anymore."Then, we all laughed.

My soul is not contained within the limits of my body. My body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul. ~Jim Carrey

The outrageously funny and deeply spiritual Jim Carrey sums it up beautifully.My beliefs, based on what I've learned and experienced, rather than what I was taught, tell me we have limitless souls that aren't contained by these physical bodies.The energy work I conduct supports that belief, as I can clearly see the soul's reach beyond the light body of the physical frame.The only way his quote could be improved is if "body" was plural:

My soul is not contained within the limits of my bodies. My bodies are contained within the limitlessness of my soul.

Our limitless souls journey a timeline of human lives on this earthly plane until it's time for them to ascend to another plane.

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While you don't live once, I'm a proponent of eating dessert as long as you're not overfull by what you've already eaten, and as long as what you've already eaten provides some balance in your diet.That particular soul sister? She had dessert.Over to YouDo you believe we only live once, or that our souls are limitless?How do you feel about dessert?

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