Libra Season: Loving Every Minute of It

As of yesterday, we're into Libra season. The Libra sign takes over the zodiac from September 22 (Autumn!) through October 22.I'm loving those powerful 22s, let me tell you.22 is a numerological powerhouse, similar in scope to 11. It and 11 are the only two-digit numbers which aren't resolved to a single digit for numerological purposes. They're dynamic and metaphysic and really extraordinary.I'm also loving the Autumn weather which is quietly making itself at home here in Southern New Hampshire. It's been slow in coming, and that's fine except...

I Love Autumn

Libra Season: Loving every minute of it.I love the weather it brings which calls for sweaters and hot tea and generally being cozy and warm.And I love the smell and the sound of crisp leaves, the coolness of the wind, the whispers of frost, and the taste of pumpkin and pumpkin and still more pumpkin.And let's not forget the light of Autumn. I love how the sun slants down from the sky at an angle and creates different refractions from Summer's glaring vividness. It's softer and gentler and warmer in quality, even with the chill.I Love Honoring My BirthdayThen, of course, there's my birthday. While having a blow-out party isn't something that interests me any longer, I do enjoy honoring my birthday. How I honor it has evolved through the years, right along with me.Aside from gathering with family, I'll enjoy an after-party, of sorts, with my Compass sisters a full two and one-half weeks past my birthday. While those are both enjoyable and appreciated, I crave something much smaller and more ritualistic.With my birthday, as with New Year's, I feel called to take stock. For my birthday, I do that through drawing oracle and Tarot cards and sorting through the year that's passed since my last birthday.Through that practice, I identify whatever may need releasing before beginning my new me-year. There's great power in that for me. There's great spirit, too.I welcome Autumn and my birthday with an open heart.

Guidance for the Week of September 26, 2016

Mercury Goes Direct and Autumn Enters