Libra Season: Autumn Equinox: Changes

Libra Season: Autumn Equinox: Changes

Today, at 4:02 pm U.S. Eastern time, we enter the Autumn Equinox... Or is that, the Autumn Equinox enters us?I'm feeling the latter even though I've seen a metaphysical portal representing the former.Libra Season: Autumn Equinox ~ Intuitive Ellen

The Sun in Libra and the Autumn Equinox

Yesterday, an astrology friend shared a beautiful post on Facebook about the Sun entering Libra... yesterday at 4:02 pm U.S. Eastern. That threw me for a loop, because I knew the Autumn Equinox was on the 22nd - today, and at that same time of the clock.I did a quick search on Google and found several references to that event, independent of the Autumn Equinox. I accepted, then, that in spite of what I thought I knew (Sun entering Libra = Autumn Equinox), apparently these were two separate events.Libra Season enters 22 September, 2017, at 4:02 pm U.S. Eastern. ~ Intuitive EllenThis morning, in preparing to write this post, I did more research. (I'm a Libra. I live for research opportunities. Just kidding. Sort of.)After some initial confusion, I experienced a crystallization. That is, I reached an understanding that "brought me home," so to speak.Today, September 22, is the day Sun enters Libra in 2017, and today, September 22, is the day of the Autumn Equinox in 2017. They are part and parcel; one and the same; twinsies.The Autumn Equinox opens its celestial doorway 22 September, 2017 at 4:02 pm U.S. Eastern. ~ Intuitive EllenYou can read more about the Autumn Equinox and its lore on The Old Farmer's Almanac website, right here.

Today's a Five Day, Which Makes Sense

Today's a "five day," which makes sense given the number five's vibration with change, and today being a day of changing seasons.How do I know today's a five day? Numerology, dear reader. Behold:

09/22/2017 = 0 + 9 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5

The message I channeled along with today's oracle card of the day backs up this vibration:Card of the Day and channeled message for 22 September, 2017 ~ Intuitive EllenHere's the text from the channeled message:

"The Autumn Equinox enters on this day and brings with it the natural element of change and destruction. The destruction is that of the greening. From the destruction comes the myriad colors of the plants and trees as they give themselves up to the flow of the season and engage in a display of color before turning to dust. The need for destruction engages with the need for change."

And... No need to wait. There's more:

The end of the Summer season engages the deep enjoyment of the dwelling and the inner self. Powerful energies surge within and waken even as energies of powerful activity slow and quiet.

Ah, yes. It feels like we're getting to the main course, now.

Powerful Energies Surge and Waken

I planned to write, "I was feeling more of this yesterday." Given that the last 30-ish minutes have been a haphazard mix of uncommon-to-me restless behavior, that clearly isn't true.Change is afoot, and it's showing up in weird ways for me - like the aforementioned restless behavior.

  • My mind is pivoting this way and that, my legs are jittery, and I'm rocking in circles.
  • This morning, I suddenly had to delete Facebook from my phone, which will help curtail the compulsion to scroll as a means of releasing some of this energy. (I deleted FB Messenger almost a week ago.)
  • I'm entertaining the urge to make changes on my website.

I'm as unsettled as the leaves being coerced from their trees by today's brisk wind.And yet, there's a growing sense of stillness at my core that's anchoring me like a weighted helium balloon. It's that stillness that's surging and wakening. The restlessness is the kickback from it, because there's a part of me that's obviously feeling unready for this change and what may come of it.That's an ego alert, right there. The ego recognizes the signs (and symbols) of change and goes into a protection mode that is very much a projection mode.It's as if my ego is yelling, "Danger, Will Robinson! There's a change coming! Look! The sky is falling!" My ego can be a little dramatic.The good thing is, my soul embraces changes; welcomes it with open arms and encourages it to forge ahead toward the next amazing breakthrough.

What's Changing?

Besides the seasons and the physical representations of that change, there's more going on here, and it's that "more" that's creating the upset.

The powerful rising of the Divine Feminine in accordance with the foretold warning issued thousands of years ago creates some dis-ease throughout the world. The dis-ease replicates itself through the means available, and so it is that people notice symptoms within themselves, within others, and with the planet.The rising is powering itself to occur with the alignment of planets and stars upon the 23rd day of this month.

Just as I finished channeling that message above, I heard, "It's the end of the world as we know it." As soon as I acknowledged hearing that, the tune switched. I heard, "From where I stand, we are home free. The planets align so rare. There's promise in the air..."The first song is "It's the End of the World" by R.E.M. second song is "Magic" by E.L.O., from the movie "Xanadu," performed by Olivia Newton-John. have to point out the fact that the two bands represented by these songs have three-letter names. What are the chances? ;-) No coincidences.There's definitely something about the alignment of planets on the 23rd and a prophecy, and yet I feel it's much like the whole 2012 Mayan calendar ending misinterpretation.

The Rising of the Divine Feminine

In some ways, this feels like a broken record, and yet clearly we need reminding, and re-reminding, and more reminding.Another reminder: This isn't about the Divine Feminine overcoming the Divine Masculine. It's about the Divine Feminine rising into balance with the Divine Masculine.It's an important reminder, because the masculine - through the ego-based patriarchal systems we've been pinned down by - isn't meant to go away. The masculine has been misused - "mishandled," I heard - by those wanting power of others, and wanting more than their share at the expense of others.All these markers that feel or appear for some like the Biblical end-times are symbolic of the end-times for a sickened system that has abused our planet and her people. Now, both Earth and people are rising up to buck the system. We're seeing evidence of that through increased fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, demonstrations, marches...Restlessness.September 23rd is another marker and "turning point" that will lead us ever closer to the restoration of balance necessary to save Earth *and* humanity.Given its tone, I felt compelled - and was guided - to revamp my crystal grid to fully represent the Divine Feminine. There's a selenite tower at its center, surrounded by rose quartz, anchored at the edges by clear quartz. All those crystals adorn the Flower of Life.Crystal Grid for the Divine Feminine ~ Intuitive Ellen

The Sum of Its Parts

As my crystal grid is the sum of its parts, so is this rising - this shift, this change - the sum of its parts.There's something "consequential" about the turning of the outward season that is Summer to the inward season that is Autumn.And there's something consequential about its timing one day ahead of a planetary alignment that has some groups of people in an uproar.There's also something consequential about the cluster of wildfires, hurricanes and earthquakes we've observed over the last few weeks, and that I believe we'll see more of.Each of these events are about shifting energy and changing times.Their sum, metaphysically and spiritually speaking, point to the impending restoration of balance: light to dark; masculine to feminine.That's what I'm holding space for and lighting candles for and saying prayers for and meditating on.We're so close, and for me there's no turning back - not that there ever was. For me, there's moving forward making every effort to align myself with the energy that is and will be.I can feel it and taste it, and I want to bathe and dwell in it, and surrender fully to it knowing it's what's best for everyone and everything.Yes, it's the end of the world as we know it. Also, it's magic.

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