Letting Go of 2016

Why is it important to let go of 2016?It's important because to bring 2016 energy into 2017 will be to impede growth and progress. I don't know about you, and yet for me I know I don't want to impede growth and progress.There's too much I'm meant to accomplish and experience, and want to accomplish and experience.And so this final day of 2016 is largely devoted to cutting the cords of 2016. That means a whole lot of journaling and card-pulling. It also means a whole lot of self-care.At the end of the day, before the midnight bell rings and the ball drops over Times Square, I'll be burning the last vestiges of 2016 in my sweet mini cauldron. I bought mini Post-It notes for that very purpose. See?Notes to Burn: These mini Post-It notes are designated for notations which will burn in my mini cauldron.And you aren't surprised that they're Earth-friendly, are you? ;-)I invite you to join me in letting go of whatever needs it before entering 2017. Clean the slate to whatever degree is best for you and your energy and your life. It makes a world of difference.

In Gratitude to 2016

I'm in gratitude to 2016, and I know that may come as a surprise given the heaviness of the year and the losses and shifts it brought. A lot of people are cursing 2016 and wishing to burn it and/or kill it and/or otherwise kick it to the metaphorical curb.Not me.And that isn't because I'm either oblivious to or ignoring the heaviness of the year. It's because I'm choosing to bless that heaviness as it needs to be blessed, and I'm focusing my attention on the blessings of the year.That's my choice. What's yours?

Summing Up 2016

Including this one, I've published 142 blog posts in 2016. Holy mama.And those posts don't include the reclaimed posts from 2009 through 2014 which I republished to the tune of 150-ish posts. (My apologies to those of you who were deluged in the process. I couldn't figure a work-around to avoid that.)This year, I've worked with energies and realms that I didn't even know (or accept) existed, including the healing realms, the realms of the women, and the entirety of the elemental ecosystem.Who knew fairies and sylphs and elves could be so affectionate? And fun!This year has been one of tremendous growth for me, yet again, on both the personal and professional fronts. There doesn't appear to be any letting up on that growth, either, for which I'm grateful.A Blessed 2017 to You and Yours. ~Ellen

Peek-a-Boo, 2017. I See You.

Speaking of blog posts, I already have 10 of them set to publish in 2017, starting right away on January 1. That's because I'm participating in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot (and Oracle). The prompts range from straight-up fun to drilling down into the well. Growth.The first post reveals my overall theme for 2017, and also reveals what lies within that theme that I've been made aware of to date. More growth.And once we're past Mercury retrograde (Mercury goes direct on January 8 and its shadow high-tails it out of here by the 18th), I'll be at liberty to reveal more of what 2017 will bring to this site and the offerings that will promote growth for all who are ready.

Blessings On This New Year's Eve

I wish you a most delicious and satisfying New Year's Eve, ripe with energy which will usher in a delicious and satisfying 2017.Blessings to you and yours. 💖

My 2017 Theme

My 2017 Theme

Guidance for the Week of December 26, 2016