Know When to Retreat

Imagine you've been up against it. Imagine...

  • You've been working more like 9 to 9 rather than 9 to 5.
  • You've been getting by on an average of 6 hours of sleep per night.
  • Your spiritual practice is all but forgotten.
  • Your consumption - eating, drinking, reading, watching - centers more around garbage than fertilizer.

You need a break, but there's no spare cash - or time - to jet off to Miraval for a long weekend of restorative rest and relaxation. (Oh, but if there was... If there was, you'd so be there!)What's the average person - you, me - to do?


It's remarkably simple. With a little bit of planning, and a whole lot of self-love, you can schedule yourself a retreat in the comfort of your own home.My ideal retreat day is Sunday. My school work is done; my weekly newsletter and Monday blog post are sent and scheduled; there's no business to tend to. It's ideal.Here's what my recent retreat looked like:

  • I woke up when I was done sleeping - no alarm or must-do-all-the-things nudge.
  • I stretched my limbs and my back.
  • I practiced my morning ground/clear/protect (GCP) protocol.
  • I meditated.
  • I had breakfast.
  • I logged on to my laptop.

You: (shocked, maybe accusatory) "Hold on there, Ellen! Your laptop?! What about your retreat?!"Me: (smiling) "Hold on there, You! There was a purpose. It\'s where the rest of my day was set up."You: (curious suspicion) "Really? What do you mean?"Me: (twinkling, maybe sparkling) "Read on, sweets."

  • I went to my email, and opened the love letter I'd written to myself. (Truly. I signed it, "I love you! ~Ellen")
  • One by one, I clicked and watched the heart- and soul-centered videos I'd lined up for this purpose.
  • In between, I had a smoothie and an assortment of snacks from Restore, and drank a lot of water.
  • I watched the last video: a hugely relaxing, wonderfully refreshing guided meditation.
  • I had a ridiculously yummy whole-food dinner.
  • I soothed tight muscles with self-massage.
  • I read several chapters in a fantastic book about spirituality while I drank green tea spiced with ginger.
  • I watched Signed, Sealed, Delivered. (Arguably, a spiritual practice all on its own.)
  • I went to bed early, and fell asleep expressing my gratitude to my loved ones, and guides, and angels.

It was a blissful day of much-needed rest and relaxation. I tended to my spiritual practice; I consumed nutritious food, images, and words; I gave thanks.What did it cost me? A little bit of planning, and a whole lot of love.I'm planning another retreat for myself that will center around some heart-centered entrepreneurial video links I've been stockpiling. That won't be a Sunday retreat, though. Sundays are reserved for my heart and soul.Over to YouWhat do you think? Would you schedule a retreat for yourself? What would your ideal retreat day look like? (I can easily see adding Yoga or Pilates if you practice those, or a gentle walk if it's a nice day.)

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