This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. It was originally published 10/21/2013.

Kindness can say a lot about who you are as a person.Kindness can be something as simple as smiling at the stressed cashier at the store.It can also be as intimate as tucking the tag on a garment someone's wearing - you don't need to know the person to extend that kindness to them, just let them know what you're doing, and then do it. (You'd want that same courtesy, wouldn't you?)Kindness can be random or deliberate.Your motivation matters less than the action; the result is the same.Your motivation, whether caring, calculated, or a combination of both, creates goodwill. Your motivation, which may include witness by others, inspires similar gestures.Kindness, when motivation is pure, exerts a more potent positive energy.Your gesture, offered with love, is lauded; offered with caring, is cherished; offered without expectation, is elevated. Kindness, granted to yourself equally as it's granted to others, is life-changing.Your act reminds you how it feels to receive, and encourages more giving; reminds you that you matter, and that others matter, too; reminds you that one person can make a difference, yourself included. 

Today's task: Commit acts of kindness, both for yourself, and for others. Pay attention to how it feels, and the reactions you receive. Repeat often.

How do you practice kindness?