Keeping Peace

This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. It was originally published 09/14/2013.

Thinking of Peace

With all that's going on in the world, I've been thinking a lot about peace. Specifically, about inner peace.

Internalizing Peace

I, like most other people, I expect, experienced moments of inner peace throughout my life. For me, it wasn't until I sought therapy that those moments became, at times, up to a couple of hours in length.My first experience with what seemed like an infinity of peace is a still-vivid memory.Then came Reiki, and everything changed. All of a sudden (truly; like flicking a light switch), inner peace became the norm rather than the exception.I couldn't help marvel at it (and I sometimes still do), because it was so unusual for me not to be fretting to a point of agitation worthy of an industrial-strength washing machine.

Choosing Peace

While Reiki helped to instill within me a level of peace I couldn't imagine at that time, inner peace requires maintenance and upkeep.I can get riled up, just like anybody else - and I do. However, how I get riled up - both how much and in what way - has changed, and that's because I choose peace.By the day, and sometimes by the moment, I choose peace over agitation. I choose not to engage in negativity. I choose not to be at war with myself or others.Some of my more passionate friends and family find my choice annoying, and even threatening. (My eldest brother unfriended me from Facebook over it.) Some of them strive to attain it. And some more of them swim in Placid Pond with me.

Keeping Peace

One of the best things about sustaining a near-constant deep level of peace is that even in extreme situations, it's there.I liken it to a foundation similar to that upon which structures are built. The structure can be buffeted, even taken down, by a hurricane, but the foundation remains in place to support the structure as it's repaired or rebuilt.That's why people like Viktor Frankl can survive and thrive through inconceivable atrocities.Once that inner peace is found, be it through Reiki, meditation, or any other method, it's a force hard-pressed to be shaken.What about you? Do you keep peace? Would you like to?

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