Karmic Debt: How It's Acquired and How It's Paid Off

Synchronicity is afoot. I determined today’s topic upon awakening, and then found this in my inbox from The Universe:

This… is the Universe. Today I’ll be recording your every thought and emotion, no matter how “good” or “bad,” no matter how generous or stingy, and no matter how helpful or hurtful they may be. And everything I record… will be played back for you, as soon as possible, as some type of physical manifestation in time and space.

When it comes to karma, and karmic debt, it’s my understanding that emotions don’t come into play. Emotions don’t hurt anyone but ourselves; our human psyche. We don’t acquire debt for that. It’s what’s done with those emotions that causes harm, and results in the acquisition of karmic debt.

Karmic debt is acquired and paid off through thought, word, and deed. Choose well.

How It’s Acquired

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to karmic debt. The “little” white lie, the “small” snark, the “petty” meanness; they add up right along with the bold-faced lie, the overt verbal attack, and the bullying.

When we treat someone unkindly, when we misrepresent ourselves (not in the fake-it-’til-you-make-it sense; in the deceit sense), when we willfully choose to disrespect another’s person or property; we acquire karmic debt.

How It Shows Up

The Doctrine of Signatures, a concept developed by Paracelsus in the 16th century, is the theory that plants that resemble human body parts, animals, and even objects, bear a correlation to those things. In the case of humans, the concept is that those correlating plants may be used to treat dis-ease affecting those parts of the body.

It’s an intriguing concept that finds a home in homeopathy and flower essences, among other things. It also reflects how karmic debt shows up in human life.

For example: a 19th-century plantation owner who whipped his slaves is reincarnated in the 20th century. He (or she) becomes a “whipping boy” for an abusively domineering boss. Imagine how Hitler’s karmic debt might be showing up in that soul’s new incarnation. (Yes, I understand that soul is now reincarnated.)

How It’s Paid Off

Karmic debt can be paid off in a variety of ways. The passive ways can include major illness and basic living circumstances; those things that either appear to happen to us, or that we find ourselves in due to the choices we make. The active ways can include being a kind and compassionate person, and being of service; those things that we choose to be and choose to do that raise people up, and help better and heal them and/or our planet.

When you pay off karmic debt - through thought, word, and deed - you’re doing work that affects you at the soul level. It’s work that contributes to your soul growth and enlightenment. And it’s work that contributes to the greater good and the universal consciousness.

What’s Your Truth?

Do you buy it? Do you believe karmic debt is a real consideration in life (and death)? Do you owe it? Are you aware of, and actively paying back, your karmic debt?

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