June 2017 Taught Me...

June 2017 Taught Me... | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive, Healer :: The Soul Ways

Closing the Book on 2017, December 14: June 2017 taught me… Six of Pentacles, Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba.

June 2017 taught me kindness through generosity of self, rather than through generosity of material abundance. The generosity of self saw me opening my heart chakra more widely and raising the vibration of myself so that I could raise the vibration of Earth.

For the sake of clarity, I was heavily guided in the writing of those sentences above. My guides are reminding me that their perspective is kinder than my own - and more intact, I’d say, because June feels unavailable to me. That may be because my mom’s health was decidedly teeter-totter-ish and a lot of my energy was invested in her.

The Choice Is Yours

Page of Pentacles: Taking On Tarot Self-Study

Page of Pentacles: Taking On Tarot Self-Study