Jesus, the Dark, and the Light: A Reflection On Why We're Here

While Jesus is important to this post, this post isn't about him from a religious perspective. It's about him from an energy and spiritual perspective. And it's only about him in part.With that said...

"Jesus loves the little children / All the children of the world"

I've mentioned in previous posts, over the years, that I have "a thing" for Jesus. I always have.That "thing" hasn't ever been about him as a savior, or as the Messiah, or as "the way." It's always been something more than that, and that "something more" is ever evolving.Well, it was ever evolving. It's evolved.Jesus, the Dark, and the Light: A reflection on remembering why we're here by Intuitive Ellen

These beautiful cards are from Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light oracle cards deck.

Jesus the Christ

"Jesus Christ, superstar / Do you think you're what they say you are?"

Jesus the Christ, from a Tarot perspective, could be considered The Magician. He tune in to, and had the power to manipulate, the four basic elements (air, earth, fire, water). He understood alchemy and was, in fact, an alchemist.He was, in many ways, a cosmic creator.And, by all accounts available to us in the human realms, he understood that. He knew and accepted that. He was that, and so he fulfilled his soul (and sole) purpose in that lifetime.

The Christ of the Nazareth was the most influential and open-minded individual of his time. That personage energized a nation through his teachings.When he passed, the Christ was realigned with the fullness of his soul in such a way that he was able to reconvene with those who knew him. Through this engagement, the legend began.

Three things about that channeled message:

1. It was completed at 2:22 pm (on 13 April, 2017), which is a delicious angel number.2. The reference to "the legend" is important. Much was added and embellished within the texts of the Bible, and much has been added and embellished since.

That third thing: "When he passed, the Christ was realigned with the fullness of his soul..."Here's the thing about that third thing: Jesus the Christ aligned "with the fullness of his soul" within his human incarnation.What I mean by that is, he embraced his soul and its wisdom and purpose over the ego, as a flesh-and-blood man.That bears repeating, because it's that important.He embraced his soul and its wisdom and purpose over the ego, as a flesh-and-blood man.For that matter, so did his mother, Mary.And then, when he transitioned from the human incarnation, there was a continuity from soul-in-human to full-on soul that precipitated events we still talk about over 2,000 years later. He evolved fully by living in human form by his soul.Why is that so important? Read on.

The Dark

"Slip to the dark side and cross that line"

First thing's first: The usage of the term "dark" is purposeful. Its purpose is to denote those energies which detract from alignment with the soul within the human incarnation.What are those "dark" energies? Demons, "the dark side" (of the Force), the devil and the ego.Demons are non-spirit energies that can shroud humans from the light of their soul. They can control human actions and interactions. They can create disharmony and dis-ease.I've had some interesting experiences with demons, which are something I didn't believe in for some time. I've seen how they can diminish a human's innate light.The dark side could be another way of expressing the dark arts. In this case, I'm putting the dark arts under the umbrella of the dark side. And, yes, please feel free to think of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, etc. They are archetype representatives of that darkness.The dark side, for me, is meant to express a human's intentional choice of creating pain.These are people who intentionally hurt, harm, maim and kill other people, sentient beings, and Earth. They may be people who intentionally tap into or even invoke low-level energies (like demons) to assist them with their choices.The devil is a construct of religion (that's my belief and understanding) and for some people is as real a person as you and me.In that reality, the devil is the polar opposite of God. From that traditional religious perspective, the devil invites humans to "sin" and do harm; to walk on the dark side.The ego, when it's permitted to override the soul's wisdom, most certainly must fall within the dark arena. Through that permission, the ego denies intuition, shuns oneness, and fosters discontent and dis-ease.Another method of the ego: Reasoning with war as a way to peace, which creates war rather than peace.

The ego is supported by the ways of the human who doubts and compares; who worries and fears; who oppresses and greeds. To be in the way of the ego is to renounce the way of the soul.

Inconvenient truth?

The Light

"I am light, I am light"

First thing's first: The usage of the term "light" is purposeful. Its purpose is to denote those energies which collude with alignment with the soul within the human incarnation.Angels and ascended masters are by the light and for the light. Their purpose is to support humans to remember their soul's "lightness of being." They are powerful allies and willing helpers. We only need ask.The light (side) is a way of expressing the one; the all that is. It's the cosmic synergy that creates and recreates the universes in which we abide and dwell and evolve. The light is the energy that is the very spark of all creation.The light, for me, is the harbor of the soul and its purpose and missions as much as it is the soul and its purpose and missions. It is meant to surround and permeate every aspect of the human experience, and it can.Those who open to the light are those who make it their business to create and promote joy and peace; to bring comfort and compassion; to heal and improve. And not just for themselves. They are compelled to do so for others and for Earth.I'm waving at you, lightworkers and Earth angels.God is a construct of religion (that's my belief and understanding) and for some people is as real a person as you and me.Depending on the religion, God can be stern and admonishing, and threatening even (fire and brimstone), or he can be benevolent and kind and encouraging.And even though he's faceless, there's still the insistence in observing him more as a person than as  an energy form. It's for that reason we hear the "he" or "He," the omnipotence and throne, and the judgment.For me, the light is the truest representation of the God energy, minus any semblance of personification. In that way, I perceive that energy much as the Force (the light side, of course), which moves around and through everything because it is everything.The soul is perhaps most often seen as the "end game" of a human life. That is, it's largely believed that when we pass from the human experience we then return to the soul.That used to be my belief, too, until I was shown and experienced differently.Now, my understanding is that we are souls experiencing human incarnation, by choice.Within that experience, an amnesia of sorts can prevent us from recognizing our soul's light and strength. It can also prevent us from fulfilling the purpose we agreed to before we incarnated.When we're persistently told, "you're only human," we tend to believe it. That belief adds to the spiritual amnesia. The ego enjoys its reign because it enjoys control.

It's Time to Remember

"Try to remember, and if you remember then follow"

It's time for us to remember, as a collective, that we are first and foremost souls. It's time to remember that truth and the abilities that come with it that are quite Jesus-like... quite Jedi-like.And the timing of the guidance that prompted me to write this post - Easter week as well as the 2017 Star Wars Celebration - is hugely synchronistic.Easter week, of course, because of the whole "Jesus thing." Obvious, right? The 2017 Star Wars Celebration connection is somewhat obvious given the Star Wars-related mentions in the previous sections.And yet... Wait. There's more.Today (today being 14 April, 2017) I watched the just-released teaser for the next "Star Wars" film, "The Last Jedi." In the course of the teaser comes this section of dialogue:

Luke: Breathe. Just breathe. Now, reach out. What do you see?

Rey: Light. Darkness. The balance.

Luke: It's so much bigger.

I know it's relatively oblique, and yet with little intent I picked up on a whole lot of subtleties and nuances that suggest a deep synchronicity with the topic of "baring one's soul," as I just heard.Because that's what happens when we choose soul over ego; when we remember all we are. We are, in effect, baring our soul. It's the consummate point of no return, and that's where we are now.We're called, right now, by our spirit teams, by the angel realms and the ascended masters, and by our ancestors, too, to wake up fully and wholly.We're called, right now, to remember our souls and to be as our souls while (heard "whilst"!) in the human form.

The time is come and nearly gone when the mass awakening is complete, and the energy of the awakening prompts a revolution of light that is engaged with peace over war and with love over fear and with intuition over thought.The time is come and nearly gone when there is anyone left who has yet to feel the effects of the awakening, whether they acknowledge it or not.To be as remembering the soul will be to fulfill the promise made.The force will be with you.

Yes. And huge props to our spirit teams for engaging my deep love for ("and abidance with") "Star Wars" through that last channeled sentence. Much appreciated.The thing about that is, once again in great synchronicity, the human universe is reflecting the Star Wars universe. As Rey awakens and is trained, so must we be. So must we balance darkness with light.Our humanness isn't meant to be denied. It's meant to be embraced through the consciousness of the soul. When that happens, we create - we recreate - the sacred balance that has been lost for so long.Dearies, this is it. This is go-time. This is do-time. "There is no try," as Master Yoda so wisely said.We need to remember our souls and live by our souls. With that remembering and living, we will change the course this planet is currently on. We will be the force of change. We will restore balance where this is mostly darkness.May the force be with you, and with me, and with us all. ♥The teaser is embedded below, if you're interested. By the way, Luke and I have similar coaching/teaching styles. And abilities. ;-)

Hat Tip

This post was born from my personal response to Doreen Virtue's recent video, which I intended to embed below. I can't. She deleted it, and I understand why, to a degree.It created some interesting "feedback" in the new age/now age spiritual community.I could understand some of the feedback, which was more of a kickback and referenced the word "trigger." I could put myself in the shoes of those who may indeed have been triggered by it. And yet...For me, I found it to be a thoughtful and thought-provoking statement of truth from a very popular figure in the new age/now age spiritual community. I have an appreciation for her honesty and for her evolution, of which the video speaks.I wish you could see it. If you search "Doreen Virtue and Jesus" perhaps you can find something more about it.So...How do you feel about what I've written? How do you feel about the call to action? What did you think of the teaser for "The Last Jedi"? Any insights to share? The comments section is open. Please share.And thank you so much for investing your time here. You're deeply appreciated and dearly loved.

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