It's the Growing Season

It's the growing season. Last week, I was thrilled to come home one day and find these three lovelies on the counter, fresh from the garden. They were mighty minis; the cucumber about 3 inches long, the summer squash about 5 inches long, and the green pepper about 3 inches long.
They were mighty minis because they were flavor-packed. I chopped up the summer squash and the pepper, and sauteed them in a pan spritzed with EVOO. The cucumber was sliced into a tossed salad. Delicious.
These darlings were a mere portent of things to come. 
It's the growing season. When I got home late Saturday night, I caught a glimpse of a stack of vegetables in the darkened kitchen. When I woke up Sunday morning, I was ecstatic to find such an array from the burgeoning garden. I immediately transferred them to the wire holder and took a picture.
Look how vibrant the colors are. The scent of the green bell peppers had me salivating.
Perspective: the big zucchini is about 15 inches long.
My mom and I put our heads together, and decided to slice up the big zucchini, a few of the summer squash, and the peppers, plus a couple onions, toss them in olive oil, sea salt, and garlic powder, and let the crock pot work its magic for a couple hours.

It was magic indeed, and the fragrance of the combined veggies tempted us for well over an hour before we sat down to dinner. These power foods were served up alongside lean pork chops (5 ounces = 5 PointsPlus), hot from the grill. I'm salivating again, just thinking of it.

It's the growing season. I'd forgotten how awesome it is to enjoy produce straight from the garden; no need to wonder if I can wash it enough to get all the insecticide and wax off.

I know where and how it was grown and tended. I know that well and rain water were what kept the skillfully tilled, carefully weeded soil damp. I see the investment of time, energy, and patience that goes into nurturing the exuberant plants that seem as enthralled by the miracles they produce as I am.

The tomato plants (foreground) are filled with fruit. I can't wait for them to ripen.

It's the growing season. I feel as though I'm experiencing a growth spurt, just as the garden does when it benefits from plenty of sunshine and ample water combined with tender loving care. I wonder how my inner garden will grow.Do you have your own garden, or access to local vegetable gardens? When is the last time you experienced a growth spurt?-----------------------------------------------

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