It's All In The Mind

I call it remote energy clearing, and I describe how it feels as "displaced."  The first time I did it, I was flying by the seat of my big girl panties, and clinging to my chaise lounge for what felt like dear life.

Remote energy clearing doesn't come with a how-to, or any type of user's manual. In fact, I hadn't even considered the possibility until a friend, who had moved into a new-to-her home, was experiencing a vast quantity of dis-ease for which she could not find a reasonable cause.

When she asked for help, and it wasn't possible to schedule an in-person clearing in the short-term, the thought arose, was laughingly smothered (by me!), and rose again, determined not to be ignored. With a mixture of uncertainty, curiosity, and a smidgen of fear, I considered how I could take the thought of a remote clearing from a tantalizing possibility to a reasonable reality.

Minutes later (this all happened in a matter of thirty minutes, give or take), feeling confident that I was adequately grounded, I displaced my self to her house, and immediately met the reason for her dis-ease in the living room. One of the house's former owners, an elderly woman who had died in the recent past, was standing in the middle of the room - that is, her spirit was.

I didn't see her as you would see someone in a picture, I saw her as an essence in misty white, and the "temperature" of the entire house as mid-tone gray. The first emotion that hit me was a profound sadness, quickly followed by confusion, and the combination brought tears to my eyes.

Without guidance or forethought, I began gently talking to her, explaining her husband (who still lives) was no longer there, and that a new family lived there. I told her, her presence was causing great sadness in the new homeowner, and suggested she either go to be with her husband, at his new residence (I was able to tell her exactly where that was, and was grateful I had that information to impart.) or go into "the light," and wait for him there.

Are you still with me? Believe me, I totally get that this may be way "out there" for you, as it was for me at the time.

What happened next brought tears to my eyes again - for a completely different reason. Above the mid-tone gray temperature of the living room, which was caused by the spirit's melancholy, I know now, it was as if a dark cloud had been split apart, and a bright light took over its space.

The light quickly enveloped everything, and overtook the gray. As it did so, the sadness and confusion evaporated, to be replaced with an effervescent cocktail of joy, love, peace, and well-being. It took me a minute or so to realize what had happened; what she had chosen to do.

The result, aside from the tears streaming down my face, even as I was smiling broadly, was a "clearing"; the house and the property it sits on were cleared of that despondent energy.  My friend noticed the change in her home's atmosphere - and in herself, more importantly - immediately.

I've done many more remote energy clearings since then (ranging from similar to the above, to that which would make your hair stand on end), and will be doing one today for a school in a coastal Maine town, from the comfort of my sunlit office here in New Hampshire. I already know, from having put out "feelers," that there is at least one spirit there who needs to be given other options.

If you were to watch me conduct a remote energy clearing, you'd likely be bored stiff, as you would observe me, sitting in a comfortable chair with my eyes closed for a period of time. If you were to be in the location I was clearing as I cleared it, you'd likely be bored stiff there, too - except, you may wonder why one moment you were looking over your shoulder, feeling as though you were being watched and fighting the instinct to leave, and the next moment all was right with the world.

While I can't yet label this ability as "normal" for me, and may never be able to do so, I no longer attach fear to the experience.  What helps to disengage the fear is the knowledge that it's a service that helps others, both on this side, and the other.

Have you ever felt strangely uncomfortable in a place - your own home, or someone else's, or even a public space?

Goodbye, Love

Skinny Dreams