Is the Veil Really Thinner at Hallowe'en?

Is the veil really thinner at Hallowe'en? Yes, although not for the reason you may expect.The general belief is that the veil between the human and spirit realms is thinnest at this time of the year, and that it reaches its peak on Hallowe'en.It's a belief I subscribed to wholly as recently as early this summer. I even wrote about it, this time last year.Now, I subscribe to it halfly.

Increased Spirit Activity

It occurred to me, as I pondered this post, that I've been applying a lot of White Angelica (an essential-oil blend) to my crown this week. Not just to my crown, mind you; mostly, though.The reason for that, I'm sure, is tied for the most part to that increased activity. Increased activity calls for additional layers of protection at the intuitive level.This is because that increased activity isn't just invoking in-spirit friends and loved ones, and angels. It's also invoking spirits and beings who are not of the light, and who are doing work unrelated (possibly opposite) to our highest good or that of the planet.Why the increased activity? This is a great example of Michael Beckwith's quote, "Energy flows where attention goes."Think about it: Hallowe'en and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which occur back to back, are both celebrations of those who have passed from their human form.People are dressing up as ghosts and skeletons and zombies. While that isn't all they're dressing up as, that theme is still prevalent. (Let's not even get into the costumes that mimic horror-movie villains and all that energy.)And then there are:➺ the movies and TV shows that revel in highlighting the "spooky"➺ the haunted houses and acres and fields and corn mazes that abound➺ the increased interest in seances and the likeIt's a big cauldron of spirit-invoking soup, and not only do we revel in it, by and large, we also tend to take it up a notch, year to year.And since that's where the bulk of the attention goes, that's where the energy flows. All that attention arouses the spirit realm. To them, it's an open invitation to celebrate right along with us - and perhaps inadvertently scare the crap out of us in the process.

The Veil

Here's where wholly became halfly in regard to the veil being thinnest at Hallowe'en: What veil?The veil is symbolic of separation. Lifting the veil from our belief system is symbolic of oneness. ~Ellen M. GreggThe understanding I've come to since early Summer is, there is no veil. The veil is a human construct, or at least a supposition.❤ Maybe it was put in place through attempted understanding.❤ Maybe it was devised to create a "comforting" buffer between the physical and the spiritual.However it came to be, there's no segregation of humans and spirits. We walk side-by-side, and hand-in-hand, day in and day out. They're as real and present as we are; arguably, more so, actually.Our passed loved ones are a breath away. They love us beyond our human comprehension. They communicate with us even though they may not be heard or seen or felt.Happily, we have the capacity to communicate with them. It's a matter of remembering how.Wayne Dyer's Memories of Heaven: Children's Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth provides great - and sometimes jaw-dropping - testimony to support my newfound understanding.What veil?

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