Intuition. We all have it, and yet we don't always use it.Why is that, when it's the equivalent of our soul compass, is unaffected by outside forces, and won't steer us wrong, ever?Here's my best-guess answer: It's because listening to our intuition involves trusting - wait for it - ourselves.That's right: Listening to our intuition involves trusting ourselves.Intuition requires us to trust ourselves.It's only recently I've paid close attention to, and (almost completely) trusted my intuition. Over the past month, especially, my listen-trust score, on a scale from one to ten, has risen from three to nine.Why? Because I make a point of using it multiple times every day. When I'm not sure about something, I pause, center myself, ask the question at hand, and then pay attention.The method of response is as unique as we are.The response I receive is physical. A "yes" buzzes between my eyes; heady and light. A "no" sinks into my core, hollow, and yet heavy.Our intuition is engaged and engageable all the time. With practice, it can be at the ready to assist us 24/7 as our personal and wholly accurate 411 system.Can you imagine how fantastic that might be?Listen to your intuition, and trust that it's accurate. Trust yourself.

August 29, 2016: This is yet another "recovered" post from 2013. My, how times have changed. So blessed.

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