Introducing: A Week of Thanksgiving

Greetings, Thanklings! ????Beginning tomorrow, November 21, and running through next Sunday, November 27, we bring you A Week of Thanksgiving.Give Thanks All Week Long ~ A Week of Thanksgiving is seven days of giving thanks during Thanksgiving week 2016.This series was delivered to me by my guides a couple weeks ago. The powerful guidance couldn't be denied.And why would I ever want to deny the opportunity to offer up messages of thanksgiving, anyway? (I wouldn't. I couldn't.)As if often the case, there were oracle cards involved, too. For each day's message there was what my guides termed "a focus card" drawn from Steven D. Farmer's Earth Magic deck.They were drawn all at once and then ordered from Monday through Sunday. It was delicious and beautiful to see how each card offered that "focus" and to feel the energy associated with it.Here is the day-by-day list of focus cards:

???? Day 1 ~ Clouds: Shapeshifting???? Day 2 ~ Milky Way: Perspective???? Day 3 ~ Fairies: Earth Magic???? Day 4 ~ DNA: Karma???? Day 5 ~ Ocean: Ebb and Flow???? Day 6 ~ Desert: Vision Quest???? Day 7 ~ Dance: Celebration

Focus cards drawn for A Week of Thanksgiving 2016. All cards are from the Earth Magic oracle deck by Steven D. Farmer.Each day will deliver a channeled message. It will be short and it will, no doubt, be sweet, too. Here are the message titles:

???? Day 1 ~ Thank someone you love.???? Day 2 ~ Work in thanks and giving.???? Day 3 ~ Greet the world with thanks.???? Day 4 ~ Thank those who are passed.???? Day 5 ~ Give thanks for abundance.???? Day 6 ~ Be in gratitude.???? Day 7 ~ Thank yourself.

Now, notice how each day's message aligns with its focus card:

???? Day 1 ~ Thank someone you love. ~ Clouds: Shapeshifting???? Day 2 ~ Work in thanks and giving. ~ Milky Way: Perspective???? Day 3 ~ Greet the world with thanks. ~ Fairies: Earth Magic???? Day 4 ~ Thank those who are passed. ~ DNA: Karma???? Day 5 ~ Give thanks for abundance. ~ Ocean: Ebb and Flow???? Day 6 ~ Be in gratitude. ~ Desert: Vision Quest???? Day 7 ~ Thank yourself. ~ Dance: Celebration

So beautiful. I can envision opportunity for reflection and perhaps even for a specific form of practice that falls within our individual belief systems and traditions.However you may choose to approach this week of thanksgiving, perhaps...

???? Consider how it might feel to permit yourself 10 minutes each day to simply be present in thanksgiving for no other reason than to give thanks.???? Consider how it might feel to light a candle and center yourself in the spirit of thanksgiving. Consider how that elegant daily act can give you reason for thanks.???? Consider how that reason for thanks can impact our world.

In thanksgiving and peace. ~Ellen

Guidance for the Week of November 21, 2016

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