The Awakened Soul Oracle: Interviewing Divination Decks

The Awakened Soul Oracle: Interviewing Divination Decks

Five weeks ago, I wrote a post about the notion of interviewing the card decks we use for divination purposes, with the intent of learning more about their purpose and energy.In that post, I mentioned that I'd be interviewing all of the oracle decks I work with. That process began four weeks ago, and has so far included: Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay, Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid and The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-ReidThis week, I'm interviewing The Awakened Soul oracle cards by Ethony Dawn, published by Ethony Dawn. (Hooray for independently published decks!)Interviewing The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck, created and published by Ethony Dawn.

What is your ideal purpose?

Challenge ~ The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck created and published by Ethony Dawn.

The purpose of The Awakened Soul oracle deck is to transmute the energy of any blocks or barriers or doubts into energy of inspiration and balance and action.

When I drew the Challenge card in response to this interview question, I smiled. My experience with this deck, which was the primary deck used for all full-year forecasts (a seasonal offering), affirms that channeled answer, big-time.The Awakened Soul is a very purposeful and purpose-filled deck. It offers up challenges which can identify and support us to obliterate what's been holding us back, and lead to great growth potential when the challenges are accepted.

What is your energy form?

Boundaries from The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck

The form of the oracle deck is that of the energy of boundaries. In this way, the oracle deck works with the user or the querent to reassess and realign the boundaries of the soul. Opening to the soul through the boundaries of the deck permits the user or the querent to more readily access and accept their own greatness.

Oh, my. How's that for a response about this deck's energy form? I hear "tapped in" and understand that the tapping in to the soul (our own soul or a querent's) permits the cards to tap in to the soul. Through that process, the "boundaries" of the soul are further widened to us in our human forms.Beautiful. I love it, and it's no wonder I love these cards so much. :-)

Who is your ideal querent?

Mirror ~ The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck created and published by Ethony Dawn.

The ideal querent is one who wishes to witness herself through the mirror of her soul. The mirror of the soul reflects what is truth and what is possible to its fullness. The mirror wishes the witness to power the life with the presence of the soul.

This card really doubles-down on the intention - the purpose - of these cards, which aligns with the entire vision of the deck as The Awakened Soul. There is great quantities of higher purpose within the deck and its intent, which is yet another mirroring of the soul as I've come to understand it.For that very reason, the ideal querent will be the person who is willing to "go the distance" in understanding and communicating the presence of her soul in the human life.

Who will benefit from working with you?

Challenge ~ The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck created and published by Ethony Dawn.

The person who will most benefit from working with these cards is the person who is willing to face the challenges of working through the soul. The person who wishes to work through the soul will be the person who understands the ego and is intuitive and prepared to deepen all aspects of their inner senses.

Well, well, well... This is a first in this interview series: a card rising up a second time in answer to a different question.I get it. The challenges of opening to the soul through the human experience are both heady and "heavy." The heavy part is thanks to the ego and its doubts (and dismay) over the soul reinterpreting what's been understood as true up to this point.It makes for challenges that result in change, and change that can result in challenges. It also makes for understanding that results in an opening to possibilities that are far and away above what is typically considered available to the human.

Can anyone work with you regardless of experience?

Sovereignty ~ The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck created and published by Ethony Dawn.

The deck is best suited for the user or querent with some understanding of the soul and the nature of the All That Is as it presents itself not as something greater than, instead something of equality.

Oh, that feels so important. Even though we may refer to the soul as our "higher self," and even though our soul may feel "greater than" because of that, there is no "greater than" in the truth and reality of the soul and the entirety of the universal systems we may call "God."The experience that will best equip the user for this deck is that of understanding the great equality - the abject and glorious oneness - of "the All That Is."Are you up to the challenges? 

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