Sacred Creators Oracle: Interviewing Divination Decks

Sacred Creators Oracle: Interviewing Divination Decks

This week, I'm interviewing Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne, published by Chris-Anne. (It's an independent , aka self-published, deck, which I love so much.)

For context: Eight weeks ago, I wrote a post about the notion of interviewing the card decks we use for divination purposes. The intent: learning more about their purpose and energy.

In that post, I mentioned that I'd be interviewing all of the divination decks I work with. That process began seven weeks ago, and has so far included:

 Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay,
 Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid,
 Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid,
 The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid, and
 The Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony Dawn
 Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer
 The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

Interviewing Sacred Creators Oracle, created and published by Chris-Anne.

What is the ideal purpose of Sacred Creators Oracle?

Fearless Expression ~ Sacred Creators Oracle, created and published by Chris-Anne.

The purpose of Sacred Creators Oracle is to energize the voices of those who are called to be in service as entrepreneurs to the spiritual and the soul-aware.

Okay. Having spent some quality time (hours and hours of quality time) with this deck over the weekend, I can definitely attest to this. I may have put it a different way, though.

I'd venture to say that the purpose could also be felt as a deep awareness of the nature of the service and to "boost the metabolism" of the business which is being queried.

Obviously I had help with the "boost the metabolism" part, and I'm in great agreement with the metaphor. And that brings me back to the channeled answer and its keyword: energize.

What is your energy form?

In Flow With Money ~ Sacred Creators Oracle, created and published by Chris-Anne.

The form of Sacred Creators Oracle is aligned with abundance. The reasoning for that is, of course, clear. The power of abundance creates longevity, prosperity, and joy.

How very interesting. I confess to being a wee bit taken aback when I flipped this card over, until the word "abundance" resonated over "money." Then came the "I get it."

I can see why "the reasoning for that is, of course, clear." The whole concept of entrepreneurship, beyond its obvious independence, is one of prosperity with longevity and an underscore of joy.

Who is your ideal querent?

Fierce Serenity ~ Sacred Creators Oracle created and published by Chris-Anne.

The ideal querent is one who understands the serenity required to be in alignment with their soul over the ego. Through this understanding comes a fierce loyalty to and sovereignty of the service for which they have been incarnated.

I love that: Fierce serenity. The important thing to note about the word "fierce" is that it has nothing to do with fighting or competing or otherwise bringing the ego into the equation. Instead, fierce is about certainty and solidarity; groundedness and commitment.

Fierce, in this sense, is created in and powered by grace.

Who will benefit from working with you?

The Sacred Flow of Yes ~ Sacred Creators Oracle, created and published by Chris-Anne.

The person who will most benefit from working with these cards is the creator who wishes to be in full alignment with the soul and the purpose for which they incarnated. Within that wish will exist all the creator needs.

High five, Sacred Creators Oracle. High five. For the spiritual entrepreneur, this deck provides multiple keys, and multiple opportunities, to unlock the sacred calling they're heeding. For the entrepreneur to say "yes" is for the universal energies to say "yes."

Can anyone work with you regardless of experience?

Stop. Drop. and Bliss. ~ Sacred Creators Oracle, created and published by Chris-Anne.

The deck will wish to work with all who are ready and prepared to surrender fully to their soul's experience.

That card is a colossal "Yes." The only caveat is the stop and drop part, which is the surrender part. The ego must surrender to the soul in order to be in balance with the soul.

Are you ready and prepared? 

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