Indwelling: Full-Body Channeling

Indwelling is my primary method for delivering messages from spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. This post - a transcription of a podcast on this topic - explains what indwelling is and describes how I interpret the process.

Indwelling: Spiritual Mastery ~ Explaining indwelling, aka embodied channeling, and sharing a message from archangel Michael. ~ Intuitive Ellen


Channeling energy in the way I'm discussing here today is less about hearing something and verbalizing it. It's more about the spirit energy and the angel energy actually inhabiting the body and using it to speak and express.

Seth Speaks

So, my guides just showed me "Seth Speaks" - "Seth Speaks" or "Seth Talks." There are a couple of books about a woman who channeled similar to me, with one really big exception that I'll get into. When she channeled - and it was full-body channeling or, as I've come to call it, indwelling - her entire body was taken over, her personality changed, and her voice changed. It's quite remarkable. And they're fantastic books if you're interested in that sort of thing.

(It's "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts. Her first book is "The Seth Material." I recommend reading them in that order - 1) "The Seth Material, 2) "Seth Speaks" - because the first book explains how the whole thing happened.)

The big exception, for me, is I'm fully aware the entire time the channeling is happening. She wasn't. It was as though her consciousness was removed - maybe sent on an astral travel excursion - while this spirit, who called himself Seth, took over her body and delivered the messages he needed to deliver.

I give her great credit for allowing that to happen. I'm a bit of a control freak. I've oftentimes said I would never be a good hypnosis subject because I so like to be in control. Since then, I understand hypnosis a lot better because I'm actually a certified hypnotist. So, I understand that with hypnosis it isn't that you're being controlled. It's that you're entering a different framework of consciousness.

A Step Aside

And that's how I consider the channeling that I do; the indwelling that I do. I do step aside to a degree. It's rather odd because I'm observing myself from the inside and yet it's very much that I'm watching myself from the outside. It's almost as though I've taken a step away or a step apart from myself, even though I'm fully cognizant the entire time of what's happening.

So, for me, the way it works - I mean, I'm feeling the energy now. If I just stopped talking - if I took a breath and surrendered to the energies moving inside of me and awaiting their turn, because I know that's going to happen; there's a message to be delivered here - that it would just happen.

The sensation is quite like... I describe it as like an elevator, because I find the energy primarily seems to be stored in my solar plexus chakra. And then, when channeling is going to happen (and honestly I think it would happen 24/7 if I let it) the energy rises. I feel it rising from my solar plexus, and then I feel it throughout my entire body.

♥ I feel it in my legs and my feet, hands, arms, shoulders.
♥ I notice how it changes my breathing.
♥ I feel how it affects my spine.
♥ I feel it right now affecting the energy in my sinuses.

It's the most fascinating experience. I'm aware of the most minute details including how my tongue, lips, and even eyes are manipulated differently. I think part of the reason that I'm just able to let it happen and be that witness is because I'm such a Libra when it comes to wanting to know more about something; to analyze something. It can be a blessing and yet sometimes it can get in the way for me.

It feels important to talk about because on occasion, when I'm working with a client, it will come to light through my client's guides (who I channel for their sessions; my guides will take a "back seat" along with me and my client's guides step forward) that they can channel like I channel; that they have the ability. And they're probably meant to.

Indwelling Isn't Possession

So, it feels like this is going to become more common than it has been. Perhaps more common because it will be more discussed. And perhaps also because it's important to have a discussion about what's the difference between embodied channeling - indwelling - and possession, when a spirit energy takes over a person's body without permission.

There's no, "Hey, you know, we're here and we'd like to work with you. This is who we are, and this is what we're here for. Are you willing to do this," with possession. That's basically what I had. It was a slow process getting to this point where I could easily - because it is pretty easy now, at this point - permit those energies to just take over. It almost took two years before I got to that point.

And I just heard "trials and errors." Yes, there were trials and errors. It was a little awkward at first. But no, it's not possession where, as one of my guides just said, "someone is summarily pushed out of their body" and taken over by a less than benevolent energy. That isn't what I do.

The energies I work with are my own spirit guides, primarily. And I've worked with different ascended masters and also several angels, and then also the spirit guides of my clients.

Indwelling As a Calling

If this is something you feel like you are called to do, perhaps this will either be inspiration or give you a sense of comfort that this is okay. It's possible.

I'm asking my guides: For those people who have an interest in embodied channeling - in indwelling - will it be that they will also experience it as I do? Will they be completely conscious of what's happening the entire time?

They say, "Yes." So there's your tell, so to speak.

My guides want to take over, so I'll let them do that.

When we are having this conversation, we are having it in a way that we wish for you to understand. When there is indwelling, it is for a greater purpose than simply delivering a message. Understand that your Earth is in dire need of assistance. When we are indwelling, we are able to effect more change through working with the human who has agreed to host the energies.

That makes sense to me. They haven't expressed it like that before, so that's pretty cool. The thing is, if these energies attempted to effect change without the coordination of a human body, then they run into... I can't even imagine the issues they'd run into.

I mean, the fact is, they have me write blog posts and channel messages from them. The daily cards I post on Instagram and share to Facebook are channeled from them. I become a vehicle for their voice and, more than that, for actions. I know I've been resistant about the actions because they involve putting myself "out there" in a more public way.

I've definitely been, let's say, reticent about that. And yet here I am, putting myself on display because it's time; because it's 2018 and things need to change drastically. Part of that change has to do with our own belief systems - including belief in ourselves, by the way - and also normalizing intuitive abilities. That's going to be a big thing for 2018, so that rather than being our sixth sense, they're our first sense.

"The Shack"

What else about this channeling? They're showing me "The Shack" - the book cover for "The Shack," which is also a movie now, too.

The reason that they're showing me the book, especially, is because in the book there's a conversation that happens that actually mentions indwelling. That was the first time I heard of the word. And it resonated so much. I was like, "Oh, my gosh, that's what this is. That's what's happening with me."

The spirit energies are indwelling and making of use of me because they can and because I'm willing.

Indwelling and the Chakra System

They're showing me the chakra system. As I've already said, the chakra system is definitely involved. While mostly the solar plexus chakra, the entire system is involved.

For the chakra system and working with these energies, there is a series of initiations, so to speak. These energetic initiations, which are basically what we call "downloads," change our energetic flow or makeup to permit the energies to "consecrate" with the human body.

If a spirit energy was to, as I just heard, "knock a person out" and put itself in, and then say or do whatever it wanted to do, it would probably leave that human's body in dire straits.

Think for a moment of energy in the way we as humans perceive it in relation to our bodies. When we're tired or drained we say our energy is low. With indwelling, if our energetic makeup - our energetic framework including our chakra system - wasn't upgraded to handle those energies, it would drain the energy of the human body.

And I will share that when this first started happening there were some days coming home from a friend's house after doing a lot of channeling, and also energy healing conducted through channeling, that I would get out of my car and seriously wonder if I was going to make it to the front door because I was so tired. It was because they were still learning my system, and learning its capacity and its limitations.

So then more upgrades were conducted. Through that it's come to a point that I can go a whole day channeling and conducting energy healing and I might find myself a little tired by the end of the day, and yet it's the kind of tired where you just know you've been working all day. It isn't the kind of tired where the bed better be close by because you're about to pass out.

In saying that, understand that if you're a person who feels called to do this, you will go through a series of energetic upgrades to make it possible. And even then, there will be a learning curve. And that's okay.

Energetic Discernment

One thing to be aware of, too: You'll probably wonder, as I have often wondered because it's my nature, How do I know these energies have my highest good in mind; have the highest good of the planet in mind?

Part of that, honestly, is trust. The other part is awareness of the differences between different energies.

If you have ever dealt with an energy that would be considered a dark energy or a demonic energy, their energetic imprint, vibration, frequency is completely different than that of spirit guides; even more so angels; even more so ascended masters.

It's truly as though attempting to compare apples to oranges. You can say they're all spirit energies just as apples and oranges are fruits, and yet they don't look anything alike. They don't taste anything alike. Same thing. Same concept. So, definitely awareness.

And because Earth's vibration is changing in such a profound way at this time, because Earth's vibration is rising up, it's going to become more and more challenging for dark energies to gain entry. Isn't that interesting? (That information was delivered clairvoyantly and clairaudiently from my spirit guides.)

A Message from Archangel Michael

It's time to open up to channeling messages. I'm guided to ask if it will be my guides speaking, and am told no, it will be archangel Michael.

I asked, "Is Michael already present?" Answer: "Yes."

I then asked, "Is Michael already engaged?" Answer: "No."

The reason for the inquiry is to permit listeners - and now readers - to have an insiders' view of the process of changing indwelling energies from spirit guides to archangels. The energy of archangels is quite different from that of my guides. It uses a lot more of my spine's energy and angel energy is also a "taller" energy.

If you were to use a visual, then spirit guide energies would stand about six feet tall and angel energies would stand about 10 feet tall. It's that kind of difference. They just have a different vibration. It actually takes more energy for Michael to come forward, and even more so for Jesus or Buddha or Mary.

Here's Michael's message:

When the world awakens wholly, then understand the Earth will vibrate with a frequency never seen in all Earth history. This will promote awakening even for those who have no understanding that there is ability for awakening. In this, be aware if you are one that is woke there will for you be opportunity that will permit you better intuitive ways and, for some, ability for indwelling.

When we are here fully, we will open the gateway. The gateway opens February 15. In the gateway comes energy of the cosmos. In this, the Council of Light enters and will accord with Earth energy and will assign all who are ready their mission.

Okay. Wow. Thank you, Michael.

So... The gateway that was mentioned: I channeled something three weeks ago, I think, called the Galactic Gateway, which I had never heard of before. It's a blog post. The post specifies that the gateway opens February 15. The frameworks that are necessary for it are already in place.

What I didn't realize is that there's a congregation, of sorts, accumulating. My guides show me a stadium filling. That's how they're explaining that the entire angel realms are bringing themselves to Earth for this gateway. And what about the Council of Light?

They will conduct the energy through the gateway and they will then dispense the energy.

So, the Council of Light is bringing the energy through. I'm shown what first appeared to be three figures, and then five. When I asked for clarity...

There are five and also there is one who will come last.

The way they're lined up is almost like a vee.

We notice that if you could also understand, the reason for this is there are new energies which enter throughout 2018 and there must be preparedness.

Yes. I talked about the upgrades to my chakra system to safely and effectively facilitate indwelling. I guess you could say it's similar to Earth, from what I'm understanding. There has to be an upgrade to Earth's "planetary cycle" in order to make her vibration ready to accept this energy.

And then there will be further upgrades throughout 2018 because in the end of the year a much bigger energy enters.

I just heard the phrase, "Go big or go home," and that's one way I'm describing the energy of 2018. And apparently that isn't limited to humans. It's a world event; world including the geological world.

Wow. That's a lot.

Any Questions?

I can speak to my own experiences with channeling. It feels like even though there will be similarities, because we are all different - because our bodies are different, how we work with our chakras is different, the way we go about our intuitive lives is different, what we believe is different - you could say the process will be customized for you. There may be a general framework, and yet the fine details will be different to a person.

Aside from that, though, feel free to ask questions as you wish and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Thanking Michael and my guides, and thanking you for reading, for being curious, for being open, and for being awake.

Blessings be. Lots of love.

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