In Awe of "Arrival"

In Awe of "Arrival"

Spoiler alert: This post contains details about the plot of the movie "Arrival." If you haven't seen the film yet, and plan to, you may want to wait to read this post until after you've watched it.In Awe of "Arrival" ~ Contemplating the propositions and implications of this masterful film.

Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker star in "Arrival."

The decision to watch "Arrival" wasn't a decision at all. It was the first thing on my mind Sunday morning when I woke up, and it was so persistent that it was almost laughable.Perhaps needless to say, I had a clue that I needed to watch the film, ASAP. Preferably Sunday morning. And so that's exactly what happened.It had been on my intuitive radar since its release, and outside the parameters of the trailers. There was something about it that said, "This is important. You need to see this."I thought I'd catch it at the movie theater, since it seems the type of movie that lends itself to the big screen. That didn't happen, and I'm just as glad.The privacy of at-home viewing allowed me to become fully saturated in the movie rather than face the distractions of other viewers and popcorn and Junior Mints. My only distraction at home was the mug of coffee in my hands. Well, and the movie itself, of course.I loved it, and not just because I adore Amy Adams, have a great fondness for Forest Whitaker, and find Jeremy Renner to be quite... lovely. ;-)I loved it because it joined hands with some channeled messages that have been coming through, of late, and also because it joined hands with subject matter I've been guided to - also of late.

Making Contact

Ever since "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" and "Contact" and "The Abyss," the notion of "alien" contact has both intrigued me and disturbed me, and for the same reason:I believe it's possible and may have already occurred. (Not talking about alien abduction a la Betty and Barney Hill, etc. (By the way, I met Betty Hill once.))What's intrigued me about it is the notion that "we are not alone" isn't limited to our ongoing connection with spirit guides and angels and in-spirit loved ones.I mean, knowing those energies exist and can communicate with us, why not go beyond that with the same curiosity and acceptance?What's disturbed me is the not-knowing aspect:

♦ Not knowing what they look like, sound like, feel like.♦ Not knowing where they come from and why they're here.♦ Not knowing what they know that could impact life as we know it.

In the four movies mentioned above, and in "Arrival," too, the contact was for the benefit of humankind; peaceful and friendly and helpful and hopeful. Also, in all of these movies, those who connect with the aliens are forever changed, which is another not-knowing aspect:

♦ Not knowing how contact with beings of potentially greater understanding of the universe and its laws and vastness and possibilities might change me more than I've been changed through contact with guides and angels and spirits.

It's tantalizingly daunting. And it feels like it's coming.

Remembering the FutureHow's that for a concept? Consider how remembering the future would need to affect time as we humans ascribe to it in a very linear way and you're on track.My guides have expressed it to me and Einstein theorized it and "Arrival" drives it home.Time isn't linear.In the movie, Louise (Amy Adams) experiences flashes that are depicted as memories might be and yet it becomes clear late into the story that the flashes haven't happened yet. She's remembering the future, and it's vital to the storyline and to the character herself.

♦ At first glance, it seems out there. Way out there.♦ At second glance, there's déjà vu.♦ At third glance, there's intuitive knowing and messages from guides and angels and spirits about events which are yet to happen and then do happen.

So. Out there? Way out there? Not so much. Maybe not at all.If time isn't linear, then what is it?If it's stacked, as some propose, that means that time is much like a stack of tracing paper, each piece of paper containing information from another year or era or aeon, and discernable thanks to the paper's transparency.Remembering the future or the far-off past, then, is very possible and perhaps even probable.Remembering the future, then, becomes quite normal and even easy; expected. Imagine...

Humanity in Unity

The part that touched me most about "Arrival" was how its focus narrowed onto humanity and its welfare. How it became clear that in order for Earth to receive the "weapon" (not a weapon) the aliens came to give humanity, humanity would need to work together.That part was the most beautiful to me; beautiful and thrilling and inspiring and hopeful. All that because it rang so very, very true.Humanity in unity...This work of fiction got it right, in a big way.

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