In And Out: Letting Things Go

Over the past five years I have done a LOT of clearing out.  In 2007, before I moved to my current home, I filled thirteen thirteen-gallon trash bags with stuff to either donate or throw away.  Thirteen!  I thought, "Well, that's that!  Nice job!"  Then, I moved ...

In the process of settling in I was putting my hands on things that I knew were no longer useful to me.  Over a couple months I sold a couple things, made judicious use of FreeCycle in giving away still-viable (just not to me) items, and I donated dozens of books and videos to my local library, giving away those the library couldn't take.

Over the past four years I have given away even more items; countless CDs, videos, books, clothing, sewing and crafting supplies, costumes, wigs, accessories, props ... So many things I'd stock-piled from doing theatre; so many collectibles I used to treasure.  After every wave of clearing, I could feel the flow of energy in my immediate space shift; brighten.

About a year ago I gave myself a rule to live by in regards to things:  If I bring something in, then something must go out.  That self-imposed rule gives me pause when I have a hankering to buy or accept anything that will take up space in my home.  That same rule has also served to make me more mindful of clutter and the value I can sometimes put on things that bring no quality to my life.

Now, I can feel another wave of releasing coming on and I'm mildly amused as I occasionally contemplate, "What next?"  What will I be letting go of next?  And am I on my way to being a minimalist?  hmmm ...  Food for thought and another post!

So, I wonder, how do you feel about things?

  • Do you have prized collections taking up space in your home?  
  • Are they beloved, or are they just there because you can't bear to part with them?  
  • Do you get hung up on things you've been given, even if they serve no purpose and bring you no joy?  
  • Are you spending extra money each month on a storage unit to hold the overflow of things?

Weigh in on what things may be weighing you down.

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