Imagine: First Card for the New Energies

Imagine: First Card for the New Energies


If you read this week's guidance message, you'll know it's suggested we draw a daily card specific to the message to help glean all we can about it.Here's the card I drew for me today, and its message for my work's evolution:Imagine ~ The first of seven cards specific to this week's guidance message.Imagine ~ Card from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

We wish for you to be imagining how your work will be transforming in the next months before the new year enters.

We see you will wish to be imagining what the services will be, and what the women will need, and what the one will wish for you to be in doing and keeping.

W wonder how you might wish to be adjusting to the new frequencies and how the new frequencies will affect the powers you now use.

We see there will be magnification and there will also be new powers to contend with. We see there will be more to see and there will be less which may hide from the eyes we give you.

Interesting. Very, very, interesting.I've been noticing a few new "bells and whistles" here and there over the past weeks, and now I'm tracing the dots and they're connecting. And there's something about the connecting that's interesting.I'm being shown what looks like a midnight sky-like canvas, and I see the dots as bright stars. Between those stars, lines are appearing and there's a pattern emerging that's looking more like a drawing. And that drawing appears to be the Big Dipper!The Big Dipper, minus the lines my inner vision is showing me.This is the position of the Big Dipper I'm shown in the vision I see. And what comes to mind about this position is how much the dipper can hold in this position. It's ideal for holding untold quantities of abundance... and "powers," which I choose and prefer to call abilities.When I ask, "Is there anything more to know about this?" I have the sensation of wanting to yawn. When I consider the implications of yawning, I'm reminded that through yawning we are able to take in vast quantities of air with great ease.Transferring the action of yawning to a state of being in life, I can imagine how life may be as I walk through it in a perpetual state of openness to receiving vast quantities of all this lifetime has to offer.That feels like today's divination session is complete. I've been given the container and the means. Time to fill up!I'd love to know what card you drew for today, if you did, or if you choose to. What messages does it offer you about what's in store for 2017? What do you imagine?All blessings be. ?

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Guidance for the Week of September 26, 2016