Illuminating the Week of 7 January 2019

I typed "Energyscope" as the first word for the title of this post, and then my fingers paused and my eyes closed. Something felt off. The word "energyscope" no longer resonated.

Its replacement was on the tip of my tongue (and the tips of my fingers). I waited, open and curious, in that pause. The word was so close, and yet seemed to be dangling like a golden carrot, just out of reach. So, I offered up "vibration" to my spirit team, to a neutral response. "Frequency" was next, with the same response. "Wavelength" was my next offering, and yet smacked of reaching too far and missing the point.

Then, with clarity - and a bit of a "doh!" - the word appeared: illuminating. Of course. Why wouldn't it be that, given my guiding word for this new year? It's perfect. Illuminating it is.

Illuminating the week of 7 January 2019

It stands to reason that with a new word at its helm, our weekly reading might want a reboot, too. For the time being - the present - we'll work with the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot and The Spirit Animal Oracle.

Illuminating the Week of 7 January 2019: An intuitive energy reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive Ellen ~ #illuminating #energyreading #intuitivereading #smithwaitecentennialtarot #thespiritanimaloracle #thestar #snakespirit

Our cards for this week are The Star and Snake Spirit.

What beautiful energy to guide us. Here's our channeled message:

"The way of the week is the way of receiving and giving, in purpose of healing. Powerful surges move through the world and engage an energy of fruitfulness and healing which will wish to expand with great purpose. This will open the first 11 portal and greet the mindful with a wonderment of nurturance."

Notice how "receiving" comes before "giving"? This is highly intentional of our spirit messengers. We must be open for receiving in order to be open for giving. After all, how can we give wholeheartedly when we're empty or unfulfilled?

We're encouraged to be the vessel, first, and allow ourselves to receive and be filled. Once we've allowed that, we'll know clearly what we need to give, and when. And we'll find ourselves blessed with an expanded capacity for giving because of our willingness to receive.

That's the heart of the "time to heal." (I just glanced at the clock. It's 11:11 on 4 January as I write this.)

The first 11 portal

Our first 11 portal of the new year arises with the 11th of this fair month. It's the 1/11 portal, a.k.a. the 111 portal. While we can certainly define it as an angel number, we can also identify it as our primary number for 2019: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3

3 is the number of The Empress, a symbol of nurturing, receiving and giving, abundance, fertility and creativity, and so much more. We may understand, then, that the energy of this week is anchored by the 111 portal and its Empress energy.

That's a luxurious energy for this first full week of the new year.

So, dear one...

  • Will you open yourself for receiving? What must you do to facilitate that?
  • With your vessel filled, how will you reciprocate through giving? What is it you need to offer?
  • What needs your focus for healing, right now?
  • How might you engage and honor the energy of the 111 portal?

May this week illuminate the healing we need and can offer. Blessings be.

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