Illuminating the Week of 4 February 2019

We've arrived...

Illuminating the Week of 4 February 2019 ~ An intuitive energy reading by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #threeofwands #smithwaitecentennialtarot #armadillospirit #theanimalspiritoracle #energyreading #intuitivereading

Illuminating the week of 4 February 2019

Last week, we were in transition. We transitioned through midwinter - Imbolc - in the Northern hemisphere and midsummer - Lammas - in the Southern hemisphere. (What else did you transition through? Identify and acknowledge it.)

We left behind the old and moved into the new. We overcame obstacles in our way. Now, it would seem we've arrived at a destination... and we have today's new moon to support us.

The Three of Wands from the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot assures us that we're where we're meant to be right now. This is good news, in that we can get the lay of the land, and put down roots (or wands). We can make plans based on where we are now. And - thank you for the reminder, Armadillo Spirit from The Spirit Animal Oracle - we can set new boundaries to fit the land, roots and plans.

Find a way of accepting the landscape as your own. Personalize it and perhaps ritualize it, that it will be infused with your energy of spirit. Have an understanding of its import for you, and open yourself to receive the gifts your efforts will bestow upon you.

"Ritualize it..." Very interesting. Very rich. This feels like an invitation to create a new spiritual ritual. What might that look like? Of course, we'll want to set healthy boundaries before conducting that ritual. (See what I did there?)

So, dear one...

  • Where are you, now that you're through the transition?
  • What's different about where you are now?
  • How will you go about putting down roots?
  • What plans will you make?
  • Can you envision a new spiritual ritual for yourself that fits this new location?
  • How will you go about setting healthy boundaries for yourself (and your ritual)?

Blessings be.

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Honoring Our Power Hours